I miss the old Woot- Mother Amazon ruined this site!

I bought some 4 foot LED tubes to replace in standard fluorescent fixtures ( T8 4-Foot LED Light Tube Bulbs (12-Pack) ) and the description said 12 tubes giving 5000K brightness. It was a great deal so I ordered two 12 packs but what I received were two six packs and they were 4000k brightness. I sent an email to Woot’s incredible staff and they refunded half of my money so I did end up with twelve tubes. I could live with the difference in brightness and they have worked in the fixtures I have used them on to replace the florescent tubes.

Before Amazon took over I purchased many more things because the deals were much better and they were sold by Woot knowing what the items were instead of third party sellers shipping direct and Woot never really knowing if the description is correct or a complete fabrication by the seller.

I do miss the old Woot! Thanks for letting me vent.

Good morning. You’re always welcome to vent. However, these items were something we moved over from Amazon. Looks like the product was incorrect from them. Drat. Glad CS took care of you!

Also, we have a shirt for this.


Your complaints and complete disappointment feed the wootbots & wootstaff to provide the best service.


The 4000K and 5000K refer to ‘Color Temperature’, not brightness.

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Yup. Nowadays, woot doesn’t seem to have any idea if the item they’re listing is the item you’ll actually receive.
#sad #wootoops

I thought is was the MSRP.

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