I need an anniversary gift for my wife.

Nothing that I can think of is good enough. This is our 20 year anniversary. All the “normal” gifts seem lame. She has eclectic tastes like me…
Right now, it looks like a cat necklace and rechargeable heated gloves.
Wow, I’m lame.

Our twentieth was this year. Don’t remember what I got her. Usually we just go out someplace we don’t usually go. Oh, wait…we ate at the restaurant in the hotel where we got married. We did that on our 10th too. We don’t usually exchange cards.

There’s only one gift that fits the bill. Eclectic, unique and sure to be memorable.

And here it is - but act fast!

Booo. There are some bad comments that could follow.

Yeah, I’ll do the flowers, card, etc.
I just don’t feel like anything is good enough aside from something ridiculously expensive. But, we are trying to save for a house and I just started a new job, so no time off.
Sometimes the timing is bad. I just need to stuff the card full-up with IOU’s… Maybe really funny ones.
The problem is, we just buy whenever there is something we want, or think will be helpful.
We both try to find things that the other doesn’t even know exists.


Nice hangers?

Little Electric Screwdriver?

Nice Robe?

Thank you for the suggestions.

Books, movies, or music she’d like but won’t buy for herself.

usually if money is constrained one can compensate with time (e.g., spending time and effort to make something, or offering time for some activity together, etc.), but you are limited in both areas. how much $ and time do you have?

the interwebs tell me the traditional 20th anny gift is china, the modern gift is platinum, and the flowers are day lilies. many chicks dig flowers. many chicks dig jewelry; mabe some platinum jewelry?

here are some platinum plated chopsticks.

harry potter and the philosopher’s stone recently celebrated its 20 year anny of being published. just sayin’.

I’ve also done dinners out
Certificate for a spa, fingernail thing or whatever girls like
A quiet night home/candles/wine/food that you set up
A drive to somewhere different & scenery

We’ve been poor as a church mouse & have had money. The things we seem to remember most is things we spend almost no money on.

A big night out would be listening to ‘Prairie Home’ on the radio with a can of cheap beer & bowl of homemade potato soup. But, we were slowly (very slowly) saving up money for the property we finally found.

Hope you both have a great 20 Anniversary!

i got 20-to-life, but i don’t feel like celebrating

girls like using their fingernails to scratch my eyes out

But, are you innocent??

Wear safety glasses No1…

only guilty man in shawshank.


the rarest of treasures: something with pumpkin spice in it.

clothing featuring giant pandas

Thanks for all the fun!
I’ve got some ideas now.
I’ve got some un-ideas, too.
I’ll save those for her un-birthday.

Depending on the part of the country you live in: North - picnic basket and take a drive to see the changing of the leaf colors in the surrounding country side.
Northwest, Picnic basket with hot cocoa or coffee, drive to the top of a snow covered mountian.
Deep South or Southern CA (near the beach) picnic basket and goto the beach and burn some wood as night falls.
Nature throughout the US provides so many romantic places, and many are close by, but people take local sites for granted.