I Need My Umbrella

Beautiful design. The wave looks just like its about to swallow him.

Now that’s an awesome moonlight cruise.

Shirt woot coupon code Lazy20 isn’t working. Please help me!

He should trade that umbrella for a surfboard. Kowabunga!

Coupon requires $20 minimum purchase; can only be used once; not valid on canvas art.

Thank you!

Toto-ROW! :slight_smile:

So beautiful- Congrats!

This had winner written all over it- :smiley: Beautiful.

Wow, what a beautiful design - both the waves and the moon are awesome.

It is beautiful, but I’m confused.

Clearly this is a mashup between The Great Wave off Kanagawa (but mount Fuji has been edited out?) and something. From whence the sailing rabbit?

The ‘rabbit’ comes from Miyazaki’s movie My Neighbor Totoro.

Kudos to the artist - great design… tempting but the quality of the t-shirts aren’t what they once were. I’ve got old woot t’s that I still wear (got my long sleeve cookies t on right now) but the newer ones, although I like the design, the fit and feel of the t-shirt sucks so they end up collecting dust.

The wife thinks she got me to stop buying woot shirts…little does she know.

Love it… would like it as canvas art! :slight_smile:

Love the movie - didn’t get that though.

+1 - I’d buy this shirt, but I’m reminded of the awful shirt quality that WOOT is using nowadays.

A different online shirt-of-the-day site I enjoy actually listened to their customers and added a Hanes Beefy-T option for an extra $2. They’ve been getting my bi-weekly t-shirt purchases now. Shame as there is always great designs here on WOOT.

Wow, this shirt ended my months long hiatus from shirt.woot. Awesome drawing!

Totoro for sure, not a rabbit:). My kids and I wore that video out…so magical!

Where are folks getting the coupon codes from? I spend enough on Woot, including shirtwoot, that I’d imagine I’d get offered a code every now and then. Or is a few hundred bucks of spend each year not enough to qualify? … I don’t sound bitter do I?

The code LAZY20 will work right now, but you have to have a minimum of $20 of shirts in your cart. Here’s the blog with the specifics.