I Need My Umbrella

I’d buy this shirt too, if they offered the option of AA shirts. I can’t stand the anvils.

Thanks for the help. Plus I just noticed it under today’s shirt - I bet it was there yesterday too and I was just too busy being bitter to see it! :slight_smile:

First Day Sales: 874

where do you buy shirts from? the quality of this shirt is worse than the last anvil shirt i bought on woot. I would pay $2 more for a better quality shirt

Um, can I get this as a poster? :smiley:

Please print this on a canvas!

Such a beautiful design… yes, please make it available on more items (sweatshirt, tote, etc.)!

I’d love to have this on a ladies’ nightshirt. I’m a little past the days of wanting to sleep in a men’s XXXL.