I need not to be wanted ,I want to be


What u thing about this thought?


U can get both wanted and needed


Sure, everyone wants to be needed,it plays on our natural egocentrical needs that were placed into us as children. If we are needed we can consider ourselves as in disposable (well i don’t think that is the correct terminology, but alas a chain of alcohol molecules have thus inebriated my thought process) So anywho welcome archana!


v8r, you been hitting the booze tonight?



Why do I feel like a welcoming committee tonight. . . hi how ya doing, shake hands, move along. . .


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Based upon that fact, the fact that both vishal and archana write/speak in the same style, and make stylistically identical posts… I think we’ve got a spammer.


i think it’s what life is about. i spent my entire adult life caring about and for people that no longer need me. i found someone that needed me as much as i needed him and was happy again and then he died. now i spend my life eating pills the doctor gave me so that i don’t cry 24/7. they don’t work!

people need to feel wanted and needed! sometimes i hurt myself just so i can feel something.


It is really a good thing that u got someone who really needed you as you needed you.
I think in whole if u have a single such person then it is satisfactory life u spent.




Please tell me. o yes ,yes


It is very important