I need some help

I recently stole - I mean acquired all five woot monkeys .

I’ve tried everything I could (and I’m killing a lot of good pilots) -

But how in the hell do you combine them to form the Woot Monkey Voltron?

Master Dream,

Duct tape and beer.

I’d go for a Power Ranger Megazord.

O M G, did you buy the ones on eBay for $100?

No, I scored the red and green and pink and black ones from woot offs, had to aquire thepink one.

I have three more greens I’ll sell off in a year or so, the nephews got a red one each, and the neighbors got a black and a green from me.

Hi DM!


As a mod you should know - how do I make super screaming monkey voltron?

You need a robosapian.
But, to tell you the truth, my monkeys have been living with the robosapian and leakfrog and strange dolls I got in b o c’s and nothing has happened yet.

Also, I hate to burst your monkey bubble…but…the original woot monkey was black, with a mask and no woot on the cape.

Eh what?

The first official woot monkey was the red one.

Link to what you tell was the first pls tyvm.

And if none of you tell me how to form the evil woot screaming monkey voltron, then the deaths of those pilot lemmings tied into the monkeys and shot skyward shall haunt your dreams, for you - all of you could of saved them.

Sorry, but Gimma has the original one woot sent out and it has a black mask.
You have the first mass produced bunch.

How are the dogs?
Still having fun?

ah, but d’name is talking about the first monkeys that they gave away, that hadn’t been all branded up and domesticwooted. They would put them in random packages, and give them to posters of some truly awful entries of the photoshop contest.

first you make her forget her name. then you make her…

So I’m golden, I have the five woot branded monkeys that form the evil screaming woot monkey voltron then…

Because, as we all know - the the non evil voltron was five lions that differed only in powers and color, not one minority, and 4 other colored twits that came together to form voltron.

If you say so.
Want a cheeto?

//sets fire to the cheeto.

//eyes bulge

Look, I really need this evil screaming voltron woot monkey thing

Otherwise, I gotta grab up this coin and become slightly different. It’s a Lasciel Knights of the Blackened Denarius thing, and it’s gonna get real hot around here…

So like, a little help would be appreciated…

Did you try an xray gun?

First you make a roux.

This is because I kept pissing under the couch right?

Look, I’m a lemming, we do these things. And yes, i might of left droppings in AzGman’s morning oatmeal, but poof laughed her ass off.

so like, I’m sorry - now more on the evil woot screaming monkey voltron ok?