I Prefer Someone With Brains

Maybe they don’t want to eat the brains. Maybe they just want someone to help them spell “heteronormative”.

What about female zombies that prefer women and male zombies that prefer men?

Seems a bit exclusionary here.

(Or phrased differently: “what sgaon said.”)

Perfect his and hers shirts. If you are both into Brains!!

Yup. This. sigh cute idea though…

Great idea for a zombie shirt!

Pretty much what I thought, too. I would have totally gotten it, but unfortunately, I’m a boy and like boys with brains :frowning:

I said this on facebook but I’ll say it here too: I think it’s the phrase that’s most important, not the girl or boy who’s saying it. Therefore, since either print can be purchased in men or women sizes, everyone is covered… EQUALly.

No, it’s definitely important. If I were to wear the female shirt proclaiming my love of men with brains, I would be essentially enforcing a heteronormative view.

This isn’t necessarily something that is bad. However, it is not in line with who I am. I am anything but. I’m as faaaar away from heterosexual as one can get.

Are we talking Mensa zombies here?

I am also part of the LGBT community.

Would have bought a shirt if there was a choice that matched identity.

Love the idea though.

[sarcasm on]
O-M-G! Think about the families with babies that are born without fully formed brains… they’ll be SOOOO… insulted!!!
[sarcasm off]

It’s just a T-Shirt. Don’t expect retailers to cater to every sub-group that exists.

I think having it this way makes the point the most obvious. While some want what you want, not everyone would get the punch line without being told.

Pretty sad for woot that basically every post here is about missing 50% of the options. Woops.

Wish you could pick and choose if you want the male or female zombie with “men” or “women” in the text… How complicated could that be? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Is it just me, or does the male look like Stewie from Family Guy?

Did they made a Zombie Family Guy ep yet? Hmmm.

Who does the girl look like?

It would seem that, if you’re a male who likes men, you could buy the male t-shirt and just take a black sharpie to the WO and there you go…

For women, it’s a bit more complicated…

Nice phrasing grins

Just adding my voice so that woot gets an idea of how many of us there are that would prefer other options. I would have ordered several of these if there had been m/m and f/f options - 90% of my christmas list is comprised of queer, zombie-loving geeks.

So umm…yeah, I prefer women with brains. :slight_smile:

I don’t like guys or girls, even if they had the homosexual options, I’d be left out. You know what I do? Sit and wait for tomorrows shirt. Woot kind of went above and beyond offering 100% more shirt than they normally do. Be happy.