I Prefer Someone With Brains

How you doin’ wink

Rabble rabble rabble

Can’t add anything that hasn’t already been said. But yeah, a gay/lesbian/bi version would have been beyond epically amazing.

hullabaloo (i’d be offended if the shirts included “gay”)

I agree - i would buy one if it were a guy saying “I Prefer Men with Brains”… but - oh well…

then you miss the point of the shirt

Nope - I get it. You already said you’d be offended if there were a gay option. It’s you that doesn’t get it. If you’re offended by someone wanting something - then you must have thin skin. I’m not offended, just disappointed.

Agree… Moreover; it would be like saying that you do drag… not all gay men do drag. That’s a stereotype.

I dunno… it would not been too hard to have an left/right option of a male or female zombie on one side, and a “Men/Women/People” option for the right…

The shirt thing is going more towards an “on demand” model - why they now offer reprints of shirts beyond the top 20. They can do it, they just need to see there is an interest for people to buy it.

It’s all about $$ and buying power… and they won’t know what people want if we don’t talk about it.

I’m offended because I don’t think sexuality should be taken lightly.

You don’t get it because it’s not about preference, it’s about zombie dating.

That level of customization only comes with the digital prints, these are to be silk screened.

What, exactly, do you think the point of the shirt is?

So… all zombies are straight? And you know this how?


And you think boy zombies can’t date boys?

I’m sorry, is this a real question?

Disappointed. I expected better from Woot.

I implied no such thing. I said the shirt isn’t about preference but zombie dating.

Clever idea! I like it just the way it is. :slight_smile:

I’m sorry, is this a serious statement?

I’m also not into guys or girls… or anything really. That relationship jazz just isn’t my thing. But aren’t these shirts kind of inappropriate for children, considering the use of “men” and “women”? Seems like it would be soliciting unwanted attention.