I Quit!

What’s up with the boot under the auger in the upper right quadrant?

I wonder why the Smasher quit like that?

Must have been the model with a morality core…

Now there’s a guy who knows to get when the getting is good.

He probably quit and became a crash test dummy.

That’s a severed foot. Ouchie.

lol I work for the Safety and Mission Assurance department, and I want this shirt!

It’s begging for Portal references though…also maybe some fire/explosions :smiley:

My reaction to this shirt:

“what? is this an obscure videogame reference? I don’t get it.”

-fifteen seconds later

“oh! I get it. umm… yeah… meh…”

haha, me too! My first thought was portal, then I got it. Though I think it’s a great shirt, but my tastes require more subtle humor and this isn’t the right fit for my four year old nephew…

The person probably quit because there was no cake.

Even the most resilient have their limit…

Do people actually wear shirts like this?

Perfect shirt to wear to work when we have a safety shutdown day.

Don’t wear this shirt: To your next job interview

congrats mapinto!

His leg got wrapped around the auger. I actually worked at a place where that happened to someone. tragic.

Great Job, Mark!
AEM’s getting some props! This will be a great shirt to wear to work.

The guy quit during the most challenging level of Contra.

“Screw this sign, I’m going home.”

Sweet result! Congratulations on the print, mapinto. :slight_smile: