I-Rack, You-Rack, We-All-Rack!

I-Rack, You-Rack, We-All-Rack!

8-Bottle Spring Floor Wine Rack
$39.99 $56.00 29% off List Price

Epicurean 11-Level Wine Storage System
$149.99 $270.00 44% off List Price

Bamboo 8-Bottle Wine Rack
$31.99 $44.00 27% off List Price

Wine Vine Stainless Steel Wine Rack
$9.99 $30.00 67% off List Price

Oenophilia makes a darn good rack.

I don’t own (nor do I have room for) the 11-level behemoth, but I’ve been recommending their 60 bottle Alexander rack on here for years.

That thing is sturdy as all get-out (ours just sits against a wall, though it can be screwed into place) and truly maximizes the “bottles per square inch of rack space” factor. Highly recommend 'em.

+1 or maybe I should say +12 because I have 12 of those racks!

I’m thinking about getting the spiral rack as a decorative piece for SWMBO but for strictly storage purposes, I agree that you can’t beat the QPR of that 60-bottle Oenophilia rack.

I envy your basement, now and forever.

Maybe they make a darn good rack, but their shipping dept leaves a lot to be desired. I just received the “behemoth” after waiting almost a month. It was sent in its own original (very thin) cardboard box without any additional packaging or padding. Needless to say, it was mangled and I refused delivery. I’m sure shipping that beast (40+ lbs) isn’t cheap. I’m glad I don’t have to pay for that.
What a waste of time, money and energy!