I Saw Something Weird



http://www.shirtsonsale.info-a.googlepages.com/missedsale_sadrat.gif*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race
Feel like Icabod Crane without this shirt? Then buy ithere tomorrow!



Just… wow.

This is like a precursor to this weekend, except this one has an image as well as a slogan. Sort of.

At least it’s red?


wow, woot. Way to almost make the derby look legitimate with this one.


ROFL!!! Hilarious, and evil! I like it! Grats on the print Andre


so… what happened to woot… this shirt… reeks… like… i could draw this in five seconds and make it myself… reeks.


this shirt wants me to do something…i just know it.


Hey, it’s the new Zoloft ad campaign!


It looks like a 5 year old spent 3.5 seconds creating this in MSPaint.


A mostly text shirt Daily on Thursday followed by three text Derby shirts? Who’s brilliant decision was that?


so could anyone but it still will cost more then $10 bucks to get it on a shirt…


Ha ha… that is so funny. It made me laugh out loud. The red color really accentuates the tragedy of the situation. If I wasn’t a mother of a six year old, I would soo buy this. Gone are the days of my outspoken college years… sigh…


Hot Topic much?

Shirt.Woot has become the ultimate troll.


but you didn’t… Andre did, and so he gets paid, and you get crampy.


if this shirt sellsout it will just prove that Woot can draw anything on a shirt and sell it…well not really surprising cause people spend 100s of dollars on jeans that are ripped beyond explanation…you pay double the price for half the quantity, funnyyyy…


it sucks that i actually can relate to this shirt. Today i spaced out like crazy and stayed like that for an hour. It was awsome and no im not on drugs. I just couldnt hear anything


lol the description had me rolling


The design is pretty funny, in a macabre sorta way, but I’m veering away from text based shirts (which is sad since this weeks derby is all text based). I don’t really enjoying people trying to read my shirt while I’m walking around. Sorry Woot, pass.


This is hilarious. Yes, it looks poorly drawn, but hey, funny shirts are great when they are simple. In for 1


OK. This is funny. Twisted and sick, but funny.

Yay, I finally get to use my coupon from last month! There were a couple of others I liked, but I’m rarely online at this hour, so I missed out on them. :frowning: