I Saw The Crap



Denied =(

Yep … I saw the crap… then the crap disappeared again :frowning:

what the hell. how is that even possible?! I had it in my cart and even got to hit the place the order button. but nope. gone -.-

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA… I didnt get one :slight_smile:

woot…sigh …i dont know why i do this anymore.

Denied… again… what cruel world, first the Powerball, now this.

yay :slight_smile:

Second BoC (other one was the stock market one 6 years ago…)

lol catching a BOC this woot off is like trying to catch a fart with a butterfly net.

could have had a chance but my internet went down immediately after the previous item sold out.

I really REALLY hate AT&T.

Years of experience here…It happens ALL the time…Was fun to get a bag of crap and it was great stuff too…Can’t say that now cuz, can’t get a bag of crap to say how great it is…Keep trying though…