I see charges for Shipping and handling even though I am a prime member

I am a prime member. Trying to get a regalo baby gate. Product description say free shipping for prime members. However when I reach the poacw your order page, I am seeing charges for shipping and handling. Anybody else seeing this ?

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I am having the same problem and the button is selected for Prime free standard shipping but it saying $6 to ship. I’ve logged out and back in with my Amazon account and it still didn’t change.

Same here.

Never mind, it’s working now.

It’s still showing for me :frowning:
Did you try on website or mobile app?

Same here.

Same here

Hi all. I’m jostling the devs now to see why shipping isn’t coming up as free.

Update: could you pls try again.


The website just worked for Amazon Prime free shipping.

It worked on the mobile app for me too

I tried ordering something with my Amazon, it put it in my cart … but wouldn’t complete the sale. Tech support said create an account with the app and buy it that way. Now the bloody thing is stuck in limbo. It’s not in my Amazon nor woot. Any ideas on how to reset it? I am working across multiple platforms.

Hi there. Could you try again. Here are other things to try:

Here’s a few things to try:

  • Log out of Woot and log in using the Login with Amazon button
  • On the checkout page, check “use this address”
  • If you are using Microsoft Edge, switch to Chrome or FireFox
  • Clear cookies for Amazon & Woot
  • Allow cookies from Amazon & Woot
  • Allow pop-ups; turn off pop-up blockers
  • Log out and back in on Amazon, especially if you’ve changed anything there (e.g. cards, email, etc.)
  • Try an incognito or private mode in your browser
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