I See My Future

Brilliant and so very . . . ME!!!
Great design, Walmazan!!

Now here’s a future that I can really enjoy! Congratulations, Walmazan! :slight_smile:

Also, “Furrtune Teller”. =^.^=

The future is fluffy. Yay!

So I guess it’s just me who thinks that some of these shirts only work when the Woot title goes along with them? Some of these are cute, but without the context of the Woot Title, they make no sense out in the real world… and I already have enough idiots coming up to me for the explanation of life and everything!

The shirt doubles as a text meme: owo (uxu)

I had the same thought. I like the shirt and am pondering my decision to buy or not.

I see your future, and it will looks amazing on you!