I start random threads


…because I cna’t keep up on the other ones.



eVERYONE, TaLk So FaSt ZilLa CaN’t KeEp Up!


not any more tonight.





OK, Zilla…
What’s your plan here?
A topic, theme, direction?
You can’t leave all this flammable material lying around-it’s a woot fire code violation.




Get the Chinchilla out, it can’t take more than 80 degrees!!!


It takes at least 300 degrees to get one right. I’d suggest 350 for an hour with some root veggies and a bit of broth.


don’t worry about keeping up! I never do!


At least in this thread there’s free chinchilla on a stick! and beer


I think Zilla is doing some research on how long we will post on any new thread before we abandon it.

Yes, it is true. We will post on any new thread that comes along.
We will hijack it, burn it, we have ADD. As a group.

10 posts? Wow, you have made a big impression with only 10 posts!

Hi Zilla79! Are you ever going to talk to us, or just start threads for us.


It goes to 11


Haha, I really do intend on posting. My biggest issue is that if (for instance) I post in the PWA thread, I don’t remember which page my original post was on! Not only that but these threads seems to ramp up fairly quickly… I feel that it is best for the “Zilla 24 hr tread”… so I can keep up…


PS- question… does anyone have a definitive record of when all the BOC’s have taken place?


watch it, disclaimer boy. :slight_smile:




I knew that’d get you to post on this thread.

Yep the beer is flowing. I got MGD and Coors for the sick in the head, got Molson and Harp for those beginning to see the light, got Pete’s and Fat Tire for those who think they are snobs, got Newcastle and some other ales, porters, stouts to go with the nice meat pie and airconditioning for me. Anything you want?


MMMmmm . . . Newcastle . . . .


What? I thought you were a one beer guy!

Zilla, there is a flaw in you plan. We tend to hop from thread to thread with the same conversation. You may still not know what is going on!
So, just post and don’t worry about what you missed!


What did I miss?


must I manualy overide?