I Taco Tuesdays

That’s a tacoing taco shirt, tacos.

Nice double meaning.

Everyday should be taco day.

Shouldn’t that be “Yo Taco Tuesdays” or “Yo Taco Tu”?

No sour cream? No deal!

Yeah, that would be supreme.

Superior tacos are superior!!

I see whatcha did there. :slight_smile:

Hmm, no likey. Gonna have to skip this one.

no originality, mongering to the glazed-over-eyes consumer, belongs in a 99 cent store

So Monday’s shirt was Monday morning coffee and Tuesday’s is I taco Tuesday… what Wednesday related thing will tomorrow’s shirt be about?

Psh, I don’t taco tue… The only thing I taco is my FACE!!!

and salad

Pretty darn cute (especially compared to your other designs! @_@ )


As a taco addict, I approve this t-shirt!

If I were fried in lard on both sides, bent in half the wrong way, deep fried and stuffed with toppings, I don’t think I would be as cheerful.

Then again, I’m more of a burrito guy.

I thought the same thing- IT’s Probably going to be a (another) HUMP DAY shirt instead of the far superior and less known Wasabi Wednesday.

Similar shirts exist … not to mention a camel isn’t considered food, which has been the other tie-in.

I will wear this with pride when I hit up Taco Tuesday at DelTaco…