I think my design didn't quite make it into the sweatshirt sale

I got the email letting me know my design was featured in a sale, and it looks like it was a sweatshirt sale (my first non-shirt item!), but it looks like my design is missing some piece (the image?) that would allow it to show up in the sale as it looks like it should…

Order page:

Sweatshirt Sale:

Thank you!

Yeah, not sure what the hold up is on it. They’ve got the offer hidden until they can get those elements put in.

I’ve sent an email to get more info.

Speaking of missing elements…
This design was subbed with a black background which is missing in the sale. Last time this happened I had to re-order the shirt (wasteful). TT, can you check if it was omitted intentionally?

Derby entry:



Thanks! Sorry about the double-post… never sure if the side sale threads get the same looks.

Hey Acraigl,

Yes, we did intend to remove the black back from this design. It was causing some strange effects with some elements of the print.

Thanks for the follow up!
If there’s any more info, please share – don’t want to repeat if there’s something I can do differently on my side.