I Understood that Reference

If there are a lot of tanks, tonight, I could be buying a bunch of shirts.

I don’t get it.

I never get it. No book will help. I’m hopeless.

That book is mine, a must have for a graphic designer

Are the shirts really AA, or did someone forget to edit the specs from when RBBG was in force?

I’m lost, as well.

Thus assuming there are some non-crappy designs.

Avengers Captain America reference…fun way to kick off a shirtwoot-off off, but alas you’ll have to to party w/out my empty wallet. Tallyho, O lovers of tanks.

Possibly a quote from Captain America in the Avengers. IIRC a reference to flying monkeys.



Ah, I understand the reference to “I Understood that Reference.” Yippy skippy.

You mean non-cappy designs?

All four people who reviewed the book on Amazon liked it…

Alllll Four of them

4 people own the book?

Yes, that also.

Oops. The tees are indeed Anvil. Apologies. The monkey responsible has been fired. Out of a cannon, Into the Sun.

Am I the only one who ordered this but didn’t get it? I just got a reply from customer service something about it having been returned to their vendor and no longer available? How could it have been returned to their vendor when it was never shipped to me at all? (Never given a tracking number, etc).

I’m really really sorry about that, I’ll check into your order and see what happened. I have no idea why you would have been told that.

I still haven’t gotten mine either. Thought I’d check here and see what was up. First time something like this has happened buying from Woot for me.

Could you possibly look into mine as well. I haven’t gotten any messages yet, however, I still haven’t received the product.