I voted today- did you?


I’m not interested in how you voted, just that you did.
I did. How about you?


No, I didn’t vote today. I’m not going to vote later today, either.


I am taking off work early to go vote.


I early voted.

Three times…errrr…I mean twice. :wink:


No, I haven’t been paying attention enough to know who to vote for. Only people who have spent ample time researching and who understand government should vote. To manny people vote, and anyone who says everyone should vote is clearly an idiot and shouldn’t be allowed to vote.


I voted for Grace Ross - Green Rainbow party via absentee ballot.


I voted.


Yes, I voted before I came to work today. I was surprised that I had to wait in line. The only other time that happened was in the last presidential election.


I got to vote and I wear my sticker like a gold star!

While, I agree that if you are not informed you probably shouldn’t vote, I have no problem with people going and voting for the issues that they care about or the races that are important. The ones they don’t know about can be left blank. I don’t think there is such a thing as too many people voting. Usually, it is only the ones who care that go anyways.


Yea, but we don’t need to encurage people to vote who don’t care. Some people even want to do a million dollar lottery randomly choseing someone who voted.


I would never say everyone should vote. It is your personal thing.
I voted last week. I wanted to.


vote - hell no!! no time - too busy wooting


I voted this afternoon on all the issues and some of the races that I had looked into.

And I think if you don’t vote because you “don’t know anything about it,” that’s a cop out and you should learn something. Just read the paper or look at the Internet. It’s not real complicated and there’s no test.


I live in one state and we get our news from a big city in another state. It drives us crazy every time there’s an election because the only election news we get is for people we don’t give a darn about.


Yessir! Just got back. No lines. Friendly volunteers. Fresh coffee. A chance to throw the bums out.

What’s not to like?

Fen: It’s not so much a matter of encouraging people who don’t care to vote. It’s a matter of convincing people who do care to vote. Every vote counts.


Well said, pooflady. If you haven’t taken the time to research the candidates, the amendments, and the policies then you have not done your job as an American citizen. It saddens me that there are so many around the world who fight and die for a chance to vote yet so many take it for granted here.

I researched everything. I helped my son (a first time voter) research the candidates and make up his OWN mind about the issues. I made time. I voted.


Every vote counts, but not every vote is counted.


In every election, it is a common statistic for 3-5% of votes not to get counted because of irregularities. This is from way before the 2000 vote and hanging chads.
Mail in and early votes have a much higher irregularity rate (vote twice for same office, cross outs, etc.) and are more often thrown out.


Year, right now it looks like our school bond issue is failing by only 87 votes.


You got coffee?
When I finally got around to reading the newspaper for the elections I found out Frank McCourt (that may be spelled wrong) the author, well, his brother Malcalny was running for something. I’m not even sure for what. So I voted for him. Legalizing medical pot (can’t spell the real word) was one of his issues.