I Wanna Crap You Up

It happens when you hit the “Place Order” button and it sells out before your payment processes.

I found this out the hard way when I missed out on a $10 deal on a factory reconditioned laptop:

It’s forever in my order history. ;-;

when said 89% remaining - tried to order, could not log in to woot (amazon) even though I am logged in currently.
kept trying then item gone - no other page had the problem only login to amazon through woot.
Login to amazon regularly outside woot’s page worked fine


Awww what a bummer! Thanks for the info though, at least a tiny bit of good came from missing out on that deal!

I tried for about 5 of the postings before I got it. Just gotta be quick with the mouse and memorize where everything is on the pages so you can move your mouse to click the right place as soon as it loads.

Aha! Thanks. I finally did it on the fifth try! You are right-I memorized where to click. Thanks.


Looks like people who know how to game the system are the only winners.