I want beer.woot


I would like a deal on Brewdog tactical nuclear penguin.

I’m loving dogfish head beers.

A hookup for keg’s for a kegerator would rock and roll.

Hell, having deals on homebrew stuff would be sweet too.

Woot! Stop sucking up to the wine snobs, and hook up with the 'mericans.



Look, it’s a groundhog!


just make it booze.woot so I can get my hards 'n malts 'n mixers on


Damn, now I’m really going to walk the dog. Before the fire starts.


Hey, you’re the one that Googled groundhog and that picture came up first.


Heh, it’s something a lot of us would like to see, but I’m told the legalities of it are very prohibitive. At least, for beer. Don’t know about booze. I’d love to sample some Root.


It is true. He is a groundhog pretending to be a lemming all these years.

But I think he dog can beat up my dog, so I won’t mention it.


beer.woot would be awesome.


///drives up in tanker truck

See, this is what happens when I leave survivors.

Groundhog. I get referred to as a groundhog.

//unreels hose

I come in for a simple request, am denied this simple request and called a groundhog …

//starts pumping fuel into woot basement

All I ask for is a little respect ya now? Just a bit.

but nooooo , Groundhog I get called.

//lights molotov

Sigh… this is more your fault then mine.

//flings molotov and looks for another tanker truck

//muffled whomp as fuel ignites

groundhog. I get no respect.


Could be worse, sir.

She could have called you a marmot.

Or a prairie dog.

Just saying.


What’s the difference between selling wine or beer? Religious loophole? We have religious ceremonies at my house that involve beer. And nudity.


I know that in many states, there’s a HUGE difference in how beer, wine, and spirits are legislated. In California, for example, most anyplace that wants to sell wine seems to be able to with little issue at all. But spirits or beer require licensing and approvals and a lot of luck.

Other places might be similar–heck, just knowing the laws might be prohibitive!


whistle pig, you forgot whistle pigs!

oh and rock chucks!


He knows where to find me…That makes me cautious about chucking rocks.



Snapster went through the whole thing not to long ago, if I’m not mistaken. And, yeah, it has to do with licensing and shipping.


I thought we’d discussed this not too long ago.



If it looks like a groundhog and walks like a groundhog…


Papa bear taught me a lesson through my high school geometry teacher about this once in “The Big Honey Hunt”. :wink:


splain, please.


I believe that producers of beer have most of the same interstate shipping rights as wine producers but most do not bother to get registered in nearly as many states (expensive and no roi) Also, just plain old logistics is a problem on beer, which is far heavier per order / per dollar of worth. For $30 you could get a six pack - of that, $20 would be logistics (fedex, packaging, labor, etc), maybe $4 would go to woot for cc fees, customer service, platform expense and profit, and the producer might get $1 each bottle. For all 10 we’d sell I imagine - who wants $30 six packs even if it’s the good stuff?