I Want To Know

Nicely dramatic.

Awesome homage.

but… Egon said not to do that.

That it would be bad.

Thanks a lot!!!

Why is every shirt designed with the image on the front? Me no like shirts that way. Suppose I could wear it sdrawkcab but that would just be goofy silly dumb.
Oh well. Nice design anyways.

you still have the hoodie option ;)))

Don’t cross the streams!

don’t cross the fandoms :slight_smile:

Love the design, but…

is this a reference to a movie, a TV show, or anything at all?

I want to know.

X-Files-a new season is coming out this Sunday, I believe.

If the alien is upset, you will need to offer it a hot beverage.

he won’t stay long,i will offer him some of the most stinkiest french cheese i’ve got in the cellar

please put this on canvas. i need some xfiles wall stuff

If you offer a cryobiological entity a hot drink, she/he/it will theorize you’re trying to destroy them. Major galactic faux pas. Perhaps offering to listen to a Slim Whitman record with them would be acceptable?

I was hoping Mulder and Scully would be a little bit bigger.

One of the show’s taglines is “I Want To Believe.”

I know! One of my favorite shows; just finished watching all the old episodes recently and I’m hoping they have done a good job with the new ones! =D

This is how you troll any sci-fi geek :wink:

P.S. May the force be with you, Picard.

they are bigger,but on the inside ;))