I want to tell Ochopika something...

And I totally don’t know any other way than posting something here. So if there’s a mod who moves posts around, well, maybe just move it over to Ochopika’s personal file or something.

My daughter (age 2.5) loves your kitty drawings. She also loves Hello Kitty. She likes ketchup enough to have defined your cat designs as Yummy Kitties. Every morning we have to decide if she wants to wear HELLO kitty or YUMMY kitty. In fact, she seems to recognize “Yummy Kitties” that I’ve totally forgotten I ordered. (Like the Forget-Me-Knot valentine shirt)… She’s now taken to telling me if I should wear a Yummy Kitty Shirt today. Sometimes we have to search through All. Mommy’s. Woot. Shirts. to find a Yummy Kitty.

Her dad makes bread periodically, and so of course he has the Yummy Kitty Apron. It’s just a whole damn house of Yummy Kitties.

Just wanted you to know, we’re big fans here.

Much Love!!!


D’awwww! That’s adoooooorable! Ocho sits riiiiiight next to me, but she actually just left for the day. I’ll definitely make sure she sees your post, though. Happy Friday! :slight_smile:

That’s the best thing I’ve heard all day! I’m glad she likes the yummy kitties. =^_^=