I was ripped off lied to

I purchased two items ands never received them. They shipped to wrong post office and the post office sent them back to Woot. Then I get a refund of only one item. They said I kept the other item. I never got them and if I did I would have kept them for the great price I paid. So how is it that Woot shipped and I never even seen the item and I happened to keep one? This company is not like Amazon and has very poor customer service. Anybody ever find a phone number for this place? It’s ok I’m going to let everyone know of how crappy this site is.

Very disappointed,

Hi, sorry to hear about this. I escalated to our CS lead and she is looking into this, so stay tuned.


I’m holding my breath as I slowly turn blue…

Expect an email soon to confirm, but I can see CS has now issued the second refund. Sorry again for the mess-up!


Yes I just received it. They also apologized for their mistake and even gave me a discount for future purchases. I appreciate Woot fixing their error and I do see that their is support…

Thank you for your quick response and fixing this wrong. I’ll give Woot another opportunity after all people do make mistakes and are human.

Thank you.