I [Wear] Shirts

Nicer looking font and better shirt color and I’d be all over this.


*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

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I dont [Wear] this shirt

ROFLMAO Grats Justin! It’s not for me (yet it is) grats man on the shirt.

Haha, really cool idea, but I’m through with baby blue shirts for a while, even though I only have one. I have a feeling I might get one in the randoms. Cool design though, I think the text with the image of the person makes it really funny, and people will get it fast and have a good laugh if you are wearing this one. I think the shirt being red actually goes well with the white and blue.

this shirt is so true … well for me at least

product info wasn’t to great this today

eh looks kinda blah, as well as another baby blue?

zomggggggg JUNO

Well, it certainly makes a change from all the I <3 NY shirts I see on a daily basis (damn tourists!)

Interesting t-shirt story … I went to a midnight comic signing tonight, and showed up wearing the same t-shirt as the writer who I went to meet, and his wife. (Not a woot shirt though). All the same, I’m not sure if that means I’m incredibly awesome, or a huge tool.

We haven’t seen baby blue for a while, as a daily, I mean there are only so many colors. The design and baby blue go really well together, but baby blue isn’t for everyone, which is why there are many designs of different colors, that are appealing to others just like this will appeal to a lot of people as well. Woot does a real good job of getting designs of all kinds that will appeal to everyone eventually.

Jublin: creator of one of my favorite woots-i-dont-own (killer bees), two amazing DBH shirts (Suspicious shirt and watch your six), and yet also this?

Sorry man… you do great work, but this is a huuuuuuge miss.

Not pants though, until pants.woot.com comes out.

Heh, half of the comments were just deleted. I guess everybody repeating the same thing in different fashions does get boring after awhile.

I thought it was frowned upon to create anything that resembled the “I heart (something)” t-shirts. Hmmmm.

his bottom is showing…

juno, eh? i’m sure the designer of this shirt has officially licensed the typeface for this shirt. in other news, sometimes your favorite movies don’t create entirely new fonts just for their movie titles.

Congrats on the print, man! I have a blog up over there.

no, lots of comments said ‘first’ or posted the Shirts On Sale advertising.

Not something I would wear, but cute.