I [Wear] Shirts

I don’t get this shirt at all…

The dude standing there in a “T” formation, so the thing reads “I “T” Shirts”…

I T-shirts, like I’m a t-shirt, whhhhaaaaaaaaatttt?..

How the heck does anyone get the “[wear]” part?!?

Am I missing something or is this shirt just so very epic fail?

i actually lol’ed a little irl when i saw this one. congrats to the artist.

“Gehenna”? Ok, I’m gonna step right out and admit it: I have no idea what that word is supposed to mean.

maybe if the color was different

who doesn’t like the beetles DBH.

OK, I would wear the design, but I just can’t do baby blue.

Don’t wear this: to Hippie Hollow.

I also have yet to figure out what “llo” means, though I keep seeing it everywhere. Frankly I’m a bit concerned for that poor little “irl”…

Apparently we don’t wear pants though…

It made me chuckle, so it was worth my time to look at!

“llo” is woot filtering out “laughing out loud abbreviated” to something stupid. well, more stupid.

and Gehenna is hell in biblespeak

I’m slightly disappointed this wasn’t by Sam Brown from explodingdog.com. The art is very similar.

Thanks Adder!

I’m actually somewhat happy it ISNT, though I also thought it was Sam first too. From Sam, I’d be upset that he was so uninteresting, especially with a solid woot track record. From Jublin, it’s simply mystifying, because it’s not what you’d expect from a designer like him.

Its a very subtle humor. I might have worn it in college, but that time has past.

I think its great since the tee tags all read “not for use as pants”.

I knew someone would post this…LOL

i actually like this shirt. dunno why everybody’s down on it. it’s snazzy. in fact, i think i’ll buy it.

This is just terribly bland on so many levels. I wouldn’t even let my kid (if I had one) wear this for fear that all of his imagination would be sucked dry. At least I’m saving 10 bucks.

If this had a turtle, a skull, and a bird, I’d be interested.