I Went Outside

I Went Outside

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“I Went Outside”

I’M TELLING!!! :scream: :w_worried:

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I agree with Larry here. I think under normal circumstances this would be amusing but as an RN in NYC, I just worry that this supports a kind of dismissive attitude. I like this site because it doesn’t take very much seriously but I think this needs to be taken seriously.


Very poor taste. Should change the words to “I stayed inside”.


I dislike those who politicize a global pandemic.

Hey, can that be a shirt?


Shirt is in poor taste, this shouldn’t have been printed.


When I saw this shirt in the Derby, it never even occurred to me that it might be in poor taste. I doubt it was the designer’s intention to offend anyone.

In my neighborhood in Michigan, I saw quite a few people outside yesterday. ALL of them, including me, were getting a little fresh air— and staying well apart from each other.

I never see very many people taking exercise like that. All of them seemed to be practicing STAY AT HOME guidelines, just like I am. I just took in a little fresh air and went back indoors. :smiley:

PS. My heart goes out to all nurses and doctors everywhere. Most, if not all of them are struggling and overwhelmed and need our love and prayers. THANK YOU to ALL of them! I am praying for all of you in earnest! Hang in there… and know that we care.


Good morning all!

A reminder that this was a derby shirt and was voted on fair and square. If you don’t like the shirt, guess what? You don’t have to buy it! That’s the way we work. You can also vote in shirt derbies. Right here:


That said, I removed all posts that tried to make this political.

Feel free to express your opinion about the shirt and its message but NO POLITICS!

Thank you!


This design was created/submitted before the general stay inside orders. There is nothing political here except the play on the “I Voted” stickers. It is still good to get out and go for a walk. Everyone needs to find something a bit more useful to do than to try to cause trouble in the discussion forums.


Lol. You must remove my posts the most.

Everything is over politicized these days, it’s the new sports, when all the sports are gone.

I watched the opening pitch on the news this morning.

It was at the senior center and they were having a lot of fun.


Hey people, guess what? We can still GO OUTSIDE even during a “Shelter In Place” order. Just use some common sense and maintain social distancing guidelines. In our neighborhood, people are out walking, walking their dogs, taking their children for bike rides, etc. There’s nothing wrong with going outside and there’s no law or rule against it. Stop being so judgemental.


I don’t mind the pitch… it’s all the wind-up that gets to me.


Agreed… there’s miles of daylight between going outside… then going into a restaurant or bar, hanging out with a few hundred people for a couple hours, then going BACK outside, to come home… and… you know… just going for a walk. I mean… think about this for a second. Which is better:

  1. Going for a walk, outside, once a day, keeping a distance from others, to prevent spreading any illnesses, and getting some exercise
  2. Sitting at home watching youtube all day and getting NO real exercise

There’s a middle ground, folks.


Artist here. No offense intended with this design. It was for the derby theme “Great Outdoors” and I made it two weeks ago. I’m staying inside except for a daily walk in the neighborhood at a safe distance. My brother is an ER doctor and I am humbled and grateful to all the healthcare workers out there. My husband is an essential employee and I worry about him every single day he goes to work. My wish is for everyone to stay safe and healthy. A sincere thank you to everyone who is going to work so we can stay safe at home.

By the way, the current derby theme is “Jokes” if you’d like to vote and give feedback. This time I made a stay inside design. :slightly_smiling_face:


Stay inside. Save a life.

Start watching Tiger King on Netflix. It’s safer inside.

We did start. I kept waiting for scandal and drama, but it was pretty tame.

Episode 3

It gets better.

But you don’t think making pizza with meat from the Walmart meat truck isn’t scandalous?