I wish…

Yay! congrats on the print!

I just couldn’t resist! and I hope that by buying this I didn’t overdraw my checking account… oops!

Is that a flaming elephant booger?

Congrats on the win :slight_smile:

Congrats on the print, though I was hoping for Draxxx to take 1st place.

Do I smell a Disney lawsuit?
Disney sues EVERYONE.

this is my umpteenth shirt from you.

I don’t know what it is in your shirts that makes me keep buying, but I think it might be the fantastic (in the literal sense) and the comedic trends.

This design makes me happy on the inside. I dunno if I wanna wear it on a shirt, though. Congrats on the win, anyway.

well done.

and yeah, there is some really really great pizza under the Manhattan bridge. DUMBO (har) is good for that.


I’m still confused as to what is floating in front of the Heffalump’s trunk.

Since I can’t express my disdain for yet another mediocre print from a mediocre designer, I’ll try this:

I love your parable in the write up, woot. It’s really fitting for this shirt.

i could’ve sworn that was heffalump when i first saw it

Cute. I might get one.

Dumbo was based on a children’s book in the first place, and even so the design is ambiguous enough to cast a reasonable doubt upon infringement.

You might go into detail, rather than slamming a shirt for the sake of slamming it. =)

think its supposed to be a shooting star?

Looks like a feather to me.

I really like the colours. Not sure I like it on a shirt. The elephant shape could use some work too. Congrats on yet another print though. :slight_smile:

Were the elephant’s hind legs amputated? I don’t see them… D: