I Zap Ducks

I’d bet the artist probably shoots at a white sheet of paper to cheat for a perfect score.

please tell me i’m not the only person who mistook the ‘U’ for two 'I’s D:

I thought for a moment it read “D1cks” not Ducks. Which would send a very different message …

I played this on one of the first Segas a lot until I realized that it’s literally impossible to get past level two. The gun stops working after that, or something, I guess… man I hate that game.

I worry that if I buy this, dogs will randomly jump up and laugh in my face.

The reference is great, the design not so much.

Oh the memories. :o

I was reading an article a while back…apparently you can actually play as a duck. I’m gonna have to dig my NES out one of these days.

It’s wabbit season.

What about clay pigeons?

Don’t wear this shirt: More than 15 feet from anyone. They will then mistake the unconnected U as an I or 2 I’s.

As a Beaver, I approve of this.

You’re not alone. That’s what I first saw too…

Wear this shirt: If you enjoy watching innocent bystanders double-take.

I can’t be the only one who replaced the light gun with a dirty expletive.

I am serious when I say that “U” really looks like an “I” at first glance.

I think you need a school lesson,

an OLD school lesson that is.

The zapper here represents original Nintendo, not original Sega hardware.

I’m so mad at your confusion that I’m seeing hedgehogs!

haha reminds me of this shirt:


A controller plugged into the second port allows a second player to control the duck.

All we need now is a Super Scope shirt and I’ll die a happy man…

So did I. The placement of the grass/bushes is unfortunate.