iBeats In-Ear Headphones with ControlTalk

WARNING: these headphones have been discontinued by Apple/Beats! They no longer service or support them when they up and die on you in 6 months…like mine did. Some Kudos to Woot for helping, minus the shipping charge.

My wife got a pair on a AT&T $100 store credit a few years back…absolute garbage low end sound.

The new iPhone 7 will not have an audio jack, so these will be less than useful to new iPhone users.

These are definitely worth the money. People often like to talk down about Beats, but these are better than 29$ Skullcandies and they come with better sound-blocking rubber caps. Not to mention Beats products pretty much double as jewelry.

35$ for these is a good deal, although I’m not sure what they typically cost elsewhere. I’d get a pair but I already spent 150$ on audiophile stuff this week so I had better not.

While these are specially designed for iPhones, iPads, and iPods, how well do they function with Android phones?

They will work as headphones and to answer calls. Some of the inline controls may not function though.

Can you use the mic feature with Android? I want to be able to talk and listen. Thanks.

The mic should work in conjunction with answering calls.

Not real happy with WOOT right now. Ordered these headsets on 08/30 it is now 20 days later and I still do not have them. They show to be coming on the 22nd. 23 days to ship a set of headsets is not acceptable unless they are coming from the MOON. :frowning: