Iberian Remix Tempranillo (5)

Iberian Remix Tempranillo 5-Pack
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2009 Iberian Remix Tempranillo
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This wine is made by the winemaker from Laetitia Winery. He makes some good wines. Very tempting.

Any thoughts on the drinking window for this wine?

Also, Candy Basket salted caramels up today and does include “dark chocolate only” option.

I bought this the last time it was up (a little over a year ago, I believe). It was very nice. The screw caps had some issues, though. One was effectively “corked” because the cap wasn’t attached properly. A few of the other caps seemed loose, but the wine was fine.

Yes Dark Chocolate Salted Caramels only
According to Vivino, this tempranillo is ready to drink right away.

Pretty tempting…

I’ve had this wine twice over the last several months at Olives at Bellagio. We like to go for a quick lunch of beef carpaccio and this Tempranillo goes perfectly. Nice balance of fruit and acidity to cut the richness of the beef. Fairly light bodied too, which is great for sitting out in the Vegas heat (at 11 am, not full afternoon sun), eating a light lunch & watching the fountains.

I don’t have any more specific notes, other than a picture of the bottle with the fountains in the back ground; but I wouldn’t expect to hold this wine much past 2015 or so. I plan on buying this as drink for an everyday Italian dinner, with a toast to a fun times! In for 1.

I promise, this is a MUCH better deal than the price at Olives!

Very tempting, indeed, especially since we know how versatile these Iberian style wines are, especially in the hands of a talented winemaker. :tongue:

I’m glad to see Tempranillo up on WW today. We don’t get enough Tempranillo offers for such a versatile varietal.