Iberian Remix Tempranillo (5)

Iberian Remix Tempranillo 5-Pack
$59.99 $144.00 58% off List Price
2009 Iberian Remix Tempranillo
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Willi Sherer M.S. here… try some Spanish grapes grown in America! Perfect with any braised or cured meats.

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Thanks for jumping in. I enjoyed this wine. Surprising QPR.

This is a fantastic wine for Pizza or Spaghetti Night with the family, Casual b-bq’s with friends, and/or just sitting around the fireplace during winter.

And what a great deal!!!

Hi Andy,
does Blackford have any relationship with Iberian Remix?
Same holding company or something?

Remember the Endless Summer Movie Posters? These Iberian labels are a nod to those great designs…

So you, Neil and WD all work together then?
Part of WCC?

Great questions! You are one tough wooter. :slight_smile:

I thought it was a fair question. Many have been here far longer than I, and generally we like to know from whom comments originate, and why. No problem being associated with a producer, or grower; some of the best insights and comments from them. Scott Harvey, Peter Wellington, Larry Schaffer, Clark Smith, Ed of Pedroncelli, rpm and others I’m sure I’m forgetting. We know who they are and can put their comments into context.

Andy has been here lest than a month, and his first comments were during the Blackford sale.

Just looking for disclosure to put comments into context.

i didn’t know Andy was prone to hyperbole.

Andy shed some light on Blackford (thanks andy) and this one.