iBlaster Express

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iBlaster Express
$2.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 iBlaster Express Portable Speaker

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This is NOT compatible with Mac. Transistors die after two years, cheaper on Amazon. Already bought 2, worked well until they broke. Amazing quality, would have thought it was 1080p with HD radio. Windows 7 loads, but looks like Mac OS 7.6 for some reason. Can’t dual boot, but the traction it gets is amazing. Lights last forever, with the brightness of an angel. I’d say buy 3, if only for the extra straps! My kid uses this instead of a lunchbox every day, and has had no ill side-effects, plus all the other kids want one too. The lack of voice modulation is a drawback, but it makes up for it in sheer strength. Also, this is NOT recommended for the elderly or infirm. YES compatible with iPhone 3gs, but it has to go in airplane mode or you may be interrupted by phone calls. If you try to take it underwater, the signal gets worse before it gets better.

excalibur strikes again!


Another fine product by Excalibur

Sounds like a product to remove the skidmarks from your iDevice

I’m still up


I quit… Woot wins… so sad…

haha i work @ sears and i bought one of these for .90 cents on clearance,…plus i got my 10% discount as well,…this is a pass

now we’re talkin’ quality!

looks pretty hideous…

requires a 9 volt battery (not included)? eh pass

scaffolding… wheres my boggy old creature

I’d like to say that anything that uses a 9v battery is born for failure. 4xAAA would last significantly longer and be cheaper-ish.

Sorry I can’t even take one for the team here.

Who asked you to buy a brownstone on MY block?

A perfect combo with that 4th Gen iPod Nano right before this.