iBlu M10 Bluetooth Headset

pricing for future reference

product(s): 1 iBlu M10 Bluetooth Headset Color: Black, Pink
condition: New

$7.99 + $5 shipping

Damn - I wish I had a phone that used this!

F***ing hilarious write up. Kudos to the Woot staff writers- at least they are not on strike!

Affordable AND in two different colors. Nice.

iBlu ? Whoa never heard of them.

Still think I may try a pink one.

I really wish companies would stop putting i in front of their product names. It isn’t cool anymore.

how does this compare to the soyo freestyler that was up a few nights ago???

  1. If I cup my hand over a Bluetooth device the signal strength and quality suffers. Why does this happen?
    Bluetooth signals are radio waves and so do not need line of sight to operate. But, radio waves cannot travel through water and as the human body is made up of mostly water they cannot travel through it. And so, your hand will create a barrier causing slight interference and a loss of signal quality.


Exactly the question I had in mind, especially since I bought the Soyo headset. But given that CNET has a review for Soyo, but nothing for iBlu, I am guessing Soyo might be a more recognizable brand. However, this is just my humble opinion.

You actually read that stuff?

Weight (headset): 0.7055 ounces.

Dimensions: 2.56 inches x 0.98inches x 0.86 inches

Thanks for remembering what country we live in Woot.

to bad my phone dosnt have blue tooth

Looks like they’re not calling it “Froogle” anymore, but here’s what I got:


I was thinking the same thing.

I never read the ad copy. Waste of time. I think the only one I read was when I was first on Woot, back in October. Have not read another since.

What a terrible, unfortunate name for a product/company.

Dude. They changed names in April.

Bluetooth version…?

Nothing on Amazon or CNet…

I bought the Soyo from the other night, and with no reviews for this anywhere, definitely not going to buy.