IBM Thinkpad T20 with DVD Refurbished


Welcome to the IBM Thinkpad T20 topic page for Friday, August 27th. Please post your questions, experiences, or pricing comments for the IBM Thinkpad T20 here.


Official Woot Price: $394.99


There have been better woots, and there have been worse woots.


w00t! i’m 2nd! looks like a decent deal, but i’ll keep my Toshiba… hey walt!


Impressive deal. If I only had $400 to blow.

First post?

Shameless plug:


hmmm… have portable DVD player, use T30 at work and don’t even bring it home… guess I’ll pass. :?


Not a bad deal…but the description kinda scares me. :shock:


Did Woot run outta suppliers?


Somewhat tempting, as a spare travel notebook for commuting.


??? 700 MHZ??? I feel like I just walk in a PAWN shop :shock: :x :x :shock:


Official Woot Price: $394.99

Oh how I wish I had $400.


Not bad for a portable dvd player and other portable computer uses. I wouldn’t be expecting to play Doom 3 on it though. Otherwise, not bad. Costs as much as a higher end PDA.


Laptops hardly ever get this cheap. Probably because they have, ya know, an LCD screen built in. Good deal if I were in the market for such a thing.


I need to buy an OK wintel to do things with, but this isn’t it. Not worth it. Thanks anyway. See you on Monday.


$400 for a beat to sh*t slow ass stinkpad?
bad week for woot and we end it like this?
see you sunday @12:00


$394.99 + $5 Shipping and Handling :shock:

Only if i had Extra Cash laying around in my room somewhere.
:twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

Maybe Tomorrow night, woot!


Decent deal I suppose, but make sure you know what you’re getting. Batteries and memory probably aren’t too cheap and this will need both. Occasionaly you can get lucky and get a strong battery, but usually after this long they aren’t in good shape.

I just don’t care for used/refurb laptops much. I’m still having enough fun with the compaq refurb desktop, but overall it’s turning out to be a nice system. 2.8ghz celeron isn’t as slow as some would lead you to believe.

Well… bed time. And TGIF :lol:


[quote user=“berserker”]
see you sunday @12:00[/quote]

Hopefully not :evil:


Hrmm all ready have a powerbook… but I’ve had this computer, and it’s great. IBM are great for WinTel laptops, and I believe the T-series had a titanium reinforced case.

On other news, I got something from woot today, and noticed they ship out of the small town in Texas where I was born (Carrollton, TX). Amazing :smiley:


NOT a bad deal. But it’s not what I need.
Now if it has a 15Wxga screen and wireless LAN, i’d jump on it. in 2 seconds.
But low-end laptops aren’t my thing…