iBuypower Gaming & BONUS CRUEL TEASE

Yes, you read that right! We are teasing you with a sneak peek at the upcoming iBUYPOWER Steam Machine.

No, it’s not to steam your floors, silly Wooters! It’s to play ALL those Steam Games that many of you spend countless hours playing.

This baby has the hardware to play ALL the Steam games and it’s priced so that it’s the Steam Machine for everyone.

Tell us what you think in the comments. And hey, would you like to take a survey? Then please follow this link to our really quick survey.

I have always been a console guy, have steam, played some games on steam… but am actually excited for the steam box, I’d like to give it a whirl and see if it would convert me from the church of xbox

If only the console actually levitated…

This thing looks awesome. I have been following the updates on the ibuypower website.

I will also will volunteer to be the first to receive a steam machine in my BoC. I will take that hit for the team I suppose.

Ya know, I wouldn’t put it past iBuypower to actually give one of them out on a BOC. They have given out a couple of high end gaming machines already.

Just not a BOC on this one.

If my wife let me play more video games I might be interested, but would likely just get an XBox One after seeing what was possible at a Microsoft Technology Center.

Good Morning Woot Community and thank you ThunderThighs for the introduction!

I’m one of the staff members of iBUYPOWER here to help and assist! If you have any questions about anything, I’ll be here all week long answering as fast as my fingers can type. If for any reason I’m slow at responding, feel free to PM me or email me at woot@ibuypower.com and that should get my attention. I hope everyone enjoys this sneak peek event!

I have a question. Do you need a tester? If so, I am available.

$500 is a lot, though. People who are willing to spend that much are most likely going to either:
A) Just build their own PC for that very same price (or just a bit more) or
B) Just spend the additional money to get a PC

I’m not seeing the desire to buy a console that is more expensive than existing current gen consoles just to play PC games that you can play on a PC.

I’m a better tester than lichme… so if that answer is yes… :slight_smile:

4GB of RAM is weak. The max of 16GB is also nothing to write home about. There would have to be affordable options to upgrade the RAM in the factory, so that I’m not wasting the 4GB it comes with.

Before I would buy it I’d also want to know if the video card is upgradeable.

A Steam box will have to be pretty compelling, and cheap, for me to abandon using a regular computer.

My 15-year-old has been saving money to buy a gaming computer. Just last night, he said he might change that plan and buy a new gaming system. Maybe he has this in mind? At any rate, he’d make a great tester - he’s a Steam junkie.

Don’t you mean ALL steam games with Linux support? Or are all of them going to dual-boot to steamOS and windows?

this definitely looks interesting. like others im guessing this will be a in a boc but since everyone is asking for it, i can see woot not doing it. i may just have to get one of these either way…

Would love for this to pop up. Personally I just want the case and would sell the rest.


It says SteamOS. However if you are somewhat inclined you can easily follow a youtube video step by step to dual boot.

Sure, but that also requires purchasing a copy of windows. So really, you can’t play ALL steam games out of the box. Only a small fraction of them.

To be honest, the specs are not great at all for a machine that is going up against XBox One and the PS4. Those consoles are built for a 6-10 year lifespan, while the Steam console will be obsolete in oh… a year at best? Look at the hardware:
4 gigs ram…this was a lot of ram in 2007, but in 2014, not so much. Both X1 and PS4 come with 8 gigs standard.
FM2 A78 motherboard - bargain motherboard runs about $70.
AMD Athlon X4 740 3.2GHz Quad-Core - again, it’s a $75 processor. Don’t expect miracles.
AMD Radeon R7 250X - $99 entry level graphics card - 1ghz

The controller looks cool but I don’t see the box being able to support Steam software down the road. PC Games are written to take advantage of current market technology, not old tech. My .02…

The case looks pretty bad-*** though.