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Where is my BOC deal here?

Would someone please please please put one of these in my School Crate?

Any chance I can get it with Windows 7?

Can you clarify what optical drive this thing has?

I’m no geek but… Description sez 8 core but specs sez quad core, huh?

Suggest reading the reviews of this brand of computer on another retailer’s web site before purchasing. Randomly picked one high end model and looked at the reviews. Most recent 5 reviews - 1 computer arrived DOA, 1 computer sound didn’t work, 2 had fatal OS problems causing total system crash, 1 computer died after one week. Draw your own conclusions.

If only I had the monies…

iBUYPOWER NE661FX looks amazing, and pair that with the white Lumicource OFC-AC-STORM Storm Office Chair and my office would look amazing!

Yes it would!

I am referring to the iBUYPOWER NE661FX

30 day Mfg. Warrantee is a real turn off!

Did anybody did get an answer to their question?

Dear Patty1955,

As windows 7 home premium will be completely phased out by October, there will be less Windows 7 HP deal. Hence we will probably not going to see Win7HP computers but possible Win7Pro computer deals in the future.

Hello MrBahaw,

could you please let me know which system you are looking at? thank you.

Dear Lorenzodemedici,

Thank you for bringing up the concern on our quality assurance. As all of our computers are assembled and tested in California, every single system will have to pass our quality control in order to be boxed and ship to our customers. However, sometimes the shipping process may be rough, and our computers get damaged from time to time. Please do let us know if you have any issues when you received your computer, and we will be more than happy to help you.


The ODD is a 24x DVDRW drive.

Dear Jaytmoon,

Although the item is refurbished with shorter warranty days, we performed the same tests on these and made sure everything is working perfectly before shipping out.


Where is the Technical Support headquarters located? Is it also in California?

Then you shouldn’t have a problem giving it a normal warranty, like Apple does with it’s refurbish units.

I understand how this all works, and why almost everyone has short warranties on refurbished units.