iBUYPOWER Gaming Computers

Cant buy crap…only one per week :frowning: … But I am already past one week or i think it’s a day more of wait… I always wanted an ibuypower crap

You are only allowed to buy one per week. Good luck all.

The first time I see an active iBuy BOC and I can’t buy it! Ugh!

Got a BOC, hope it is an iBUYPOWER!

My current computer is 12 years old Pentium 4. It’s close to its deathbed, and I’m looking to buy a new PC soon.

But hey, it can still play Portal 2. That’s still relevant, right? That runs, but most webpages don’t!

First time bag o crap. Wonder what wonders will come in the mail. Considering this is an ibuy one any one have any guesses what random stuff one would get?

hooray BOC #2 ever! hope it’s as good as the last one

Sold out on BoC by the time I signed in.

damn i shouldnt have waited so long to hit checkout :frowning:

Super happy about this :D, still need a computer as much as I did last time I saw one of these come around lol…

They definitely picked the right guy last time though… that reminds me, what ever happeend to our gaming PC pal? I followed that for months but never saw a followup?

[ETA: I’m venturing off into the forums to see if I can find an update if anyone else is curious, I’ll post if I find anything]

Wow! Feelin lucky, that’s my 1st first sucker ever at a bag of crap.

Woot! This is my first ever :slight_smile: Super Excited!!!

I am really hoping this is something a little more than crap. It does note in the listing in my email that it is refurbished or reconditioned making me think at least a few people will get quality crap

Yours lists as refurb on the crap? My wife managed to snag one and hers just shows “Really Crappy” as always for crap.

The email notification noted refurb/reconditioned. Maybe I missed out. I actually had to find my wallet and update my credit card info and still managed to get in on the woot. I honestly do not know how I made it, but it appears I got the last one.

Yeah, was noticing you listed as the last one, maybe you got the special one, or there was just a glitch in the system. Don’t or do get excited about that and let the disappointment rain down on all of us. :slight_smile:

Not getting my hopes up yet. The only time I nabbed a BOC before was during thanksgiving and was all crap, crap, and more crap as advertised.

The waiting game begins…

I’ve been watching for one of these for a long time, and yes I missed it and yes I wasn’t elgible to buy it but still…GAH!

Same. I really want to get in on one of these.

Since I built my own Gaming PC I decided to find out the difference between building or buying one of these.

So I took the WT-X01 for $1579.99 ($1799.99 retail), the most expensive in this list and broke down all the specs and hardware included.

Without adding a Keyboard and Mouse, the total to purchase everything else, Motherboard, CPU, Case, GPU, OS, RAM, PSU, Heat Sink, Wireless card, all of decent trusted brands, comes to a total of $1118.89 at newegg, the keyboard and mice on the picture is maybe a $30-$50 combo.

It will take time to put it together and install drivers, but it would be free of bloatware. This comes with a 1 year warranty, which is also the warranty you get with the Motherboard, CPU, RAM and GPU if you purchase them by themselves, some have a lifetime warranty like the RAM and GPU.

If you prefer things set up and ready to use, the price is slightly reasonable, the brand/iBUYPOWER has to make a profit so go for it, I still rather build it myself to both, save money and have fun, the first boot after building your machine is always exciting.