iBUYPOWER Gaming Computers

I recently bought one of iBuyPower’s builds and I gotta say, I’m extremely impressed. I’m a college student at a tech school and this tower is the envy of my hall!

Bought an iBuypower elsewhere over the holidays. So far I’m really pleased with it. Mine ended up being a better deal than building a PC.

I’ve been looking at iBuyPower machines for a little bit, thinking they are going to be my next machine. Was really hoping to have a Revolt (or similar small sized case) when I saw this sale.

Still may bite on that 016R though.

I am just starting to research gaming rigs as I am in the market for a new one. What do we know about iBuyPower reliability-wise? From what I’ve read, you get a great deal for what they put in the case, but I’m just wondering if people are still as happy with their machine 6 months after purchase.

Glad we can make you a proud owner!

Thanks for the positive feedback! Glad we can make you a happy customer.

We’ll see if we can set one up for an event in the near future. What kind of specs are you looking for? You can reply here or send me a PM.

Awesome thanks. Actually if it had similar specs to the WT-016R that you have here just in the Revolt case (smaller and IMO nicer looking case) for around that same price I would have already hit the buy button.

Edit: I wouldn’t say no to a slightly more expensive i7 upgrade though lol.

I was just about to get the WT-i06 - and then I saw that it has a 400W power supply, which is not even enough to run the R9-280X graphics card it comes with (that card requires 550 watts just to run by itself, without even considering other elements of the PC), is this correct or a typo in the specs?

It’s actually 600 Watts, sorry for the confusion!

What is the difference between the WT-A05 and the WT-A06. Other than the case, the Features and Specs make them seem like the same system. Although, the description doesn’t exactly match what the Specs say on either. Please clear up the confusion. Thanks.

I’d love to see the WT-03S with a 4790K, 980 GTX and no SSD. Basically built with the intention of adding a second 980 or memory when the prices are favorable and an SSD that I already have or an m.2 SSD when the prices come down. All of the available i7/980 rigs have non-SLI motherboards.

Hi there,

the difference is just the case, we wanted to see which one would do better given similar specs:). The spec should match the description now. If not, please PM me and I will notify the staff to make necessary corrections.


That’s a great idea! We’ll set one up in the near future. Same case and color :)?

What brand power supply are used in these rigs?

It depends on the system and wattage. So for example, our WT03S uses a 600W High Power.

We don’t usually advertise specific brands for some components, because sometimes we will run out and have to use a different brand.

Or if we run into a killer deal on some components we will switch to those components and pass the savings onto WOOT customers (we dropped the sale price of some systems by $10-20 in previous events).

Does this come with the keyboard and mouse?

If you click on the specs tab and scroll down to “In the box” you’ll get your answer. For the ones I’ve looked at, yes for all, but I haven’t clicked on all of them.

And, I REALLLY want to bite on the WT014-W7, but it looks like that’s one of the slowest write speeds for an SSD I’ve ever seen. Also, that motherboard doesn’t get very good reviews. Not sure if I could build better at the website directly, but I’m certainly going to try!

I believe this was a special system we were able to piece together a while back. All the parts were evaluated and approved by our engineers, so I think the QC issues with the mobo MIGHT have happened afterwards, or we just got the golden batch and none of the ones we tested were problematic.

In either case, we stand behind our systems (and all the parts inside the systems) for up to 1 year after your purchase, so if you don’t end up finding/configuring a better deal, don’t be afraid to buy this one if it’s what you really want.

Hope that helps!