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So, does anyone have any experience with these? I mean, I kind of like the white and black one, and it had 8 cores, which is obviously better than, say, 7 cores. But they are, as they say, expensive.
Worth it? Build your own? Buy it just for the graphics card? Get one only if you play Doom or Leisure Suit Larry? Help me out, I’m drowning here.

They seem to be high priced for last years video cards (660 is not worth 300$ any more IMO)

An 8 core AMD chip is nowhere near as fast as a 6 core intel chip, and even most 4 core intel chips.

I’d head over to the official iBUYPOWER website before pulling the trigger on one here. That i7 Haswell desktop with the red cat on the side comes out to $1475 on their website. Their shipping is $75 for ground, but you get a 3 year warranty when you order from them. Also, if you’re in one of those states that Woot collects sales tax and ibuypower doesn’t (WA, eg) then you can make up the difference and then some.

In other words, this looks to be as “meh” as all the rest of the times woot sells ibuypower. At least these models are new.

Seems pricey to me as well.

Build your own. Get exactly what you want and be certain you’re never overpaying for what you get.

It’s also worth noting that nearly 100% of pre-built computers that don’t mention anything about the power supply usually have a cheap one. Funny because the power supply is too often the first thing to fail.

In my research of iBUYPOWER, the reviews have been very mixed. It seems like they use refurbished parts and quality control is not great. If you want a custom built computer my first suggestion is to always build your own but in the event you don’t feel comfortable I would recommend Digital Storm PCs. They have amazing reviews on Reseller and seem to provide good service. Just my 2 cents though.

The first computer I ever owned myself was from iBuyPower, bought if for college way back in 2003 and made sure it had great gaming specs. It was a great computer and I think parts of it still live on as I parted it out to friends who didn’t have that great of PC.
It is also what got me started just building my own, as I upgraded it as needed learning as I went. These look like great setups too. They must be doing something right if they are still around after so many years. Much cheaper alternative to Alienware, etc. but still reliable.

For the higher price of Intel you are getting a pretty negligible performance increase; an 8350 is over $100 less than a 3770k (arguably the two most popular chips from either company at the moment) and the AMD motherboards tend to cost less as well. However, strictly speaking of gaming the newer Intel chips test noticeably better than the Vishera series AMD FX chips. In other areas the FX chips are better.

The fastest AMD processors fall some where in between the i3 and i5 in performance. I believe their fastest model which was a 5Ghz msrp’ed at almost $1,000, yes One Thousand Dollars and it still was inferior to the i5 which was 1/5 the price and has almost 4 times the power consumption. The next model down It retails at $430 and also inferior to the i5 along with poor power consumption. The next one below which is the one most people get is the 8350 which has the same problems and is about 30-40 cheaper than the latest i5. You’ll save a few bucks but recoup it eventually in power costs. You’re not saving much and you are getting inferior performance. Don’t kid yourself if you think the latest AMD processor is even on par with Intels offerings. Core for core, Intel is top dog that’s why AMD to jump up the number of cores to even keep up with them but they’re still far behind.

If you can build your own it’s cheaper. Some of our employee’s game. They go all weekend and we can see it on Monday mornings. :frowning: Isn’t there a better way to make use of weekends? Anyway, they talk about how they built their multiple computers much cheaper and only purchase huge monitors. They claim it costs them half the price. If you know how to do it, it’s a no-brainer.

It has a 6 gigabyte graphic card. I didn’t know they made them in 6 gigabytes hehe. I’m clueless but if you can’t build, buy the 1 with the specs you like. :slight_smile:

iBuyPower almost always has a weekly special that is basically unbeatable, even if you buy the parts yourself. The trick is to make minimal changes to the build they spec out (maybe only power supply).

Right now they have a i5-4670K w/ a Nvidia GTX 780 for $1259. That’s a very very good deal, the Video Card alone is $500 retail!

Good afternoon pjheil,
iBUYPOWER staff here to assist and answer everyone’s questions! :slight_smile:

I just configured the WT714SLC i7 Haswell model on our website and it came out to $1634 with ground shipping (Woot customers also get rushed service).

Our website collects tax from every state, but you are correct about the warranty. We offer 1 year parts & labor for our online etail channels and 1 year parts & 3 year labor for our website. I hope this clarifies everything.

My current desktop is an Ibuypower, purchased about 2 years ago on a Father’s day special. Cost and spec wise, it is very similar to the iBUYPOWER WT613SLC deal here.

I have been 100% satisfied with my PC. From customization to power up and now, 2 years later, this has been the best purchasing experience I have ever had. I got the parts that I wanted, no problems at all, and it still runs like a dream to this day.

When ordering, I had one credit card issue (problem on my end) and the Ibuypower support person was helpful and prompt with replies, and we got it resolved quickly.

I suppose a skeptic or naysayer could say that I have been lucky, but that has been my experience.

Could a tech savvy person build one themselves for cheaper? Probably - after hours or days of searching for deals on individual parts, waiting for them to individually ship, putting them all together, and driver and operating system install. If something goes wrong you have piecemeal warranty/tech support, and if you are inexperienced, a good chance that you yourself caused the problem.

Sometimes, it’s just nicer to pay a little more for professional work and service, especially if you don’t have much personal time already.

Our 500 Watt and 600 Watt power supplies are made by APEX and have been updated in the specs tab. Both power supplies can be found on Newegg and have 4 egg ratings.

Also, in reference to another post, all of our components are always new and we actively try to improve our quality control so customers have the best experience.

Also, on the AMD / Intel debate, for my machine I went with an AMD processor to save money. Even 2 years on, it feels plenty peppy and plays any game I throw at it, even with an older video card.

Peronally, I think that while an AMD chip and/or video card will generally not be as fast as an Intel/Nvidia, the actual FEEL of these performance differences is minimal. Unless you are the kind of gamer that is going for bleeding edge performance, in which case you are probably not buying a pre-specced PC on Woot anyways.


Apex PSUs mostly fall in as C- or a D+ grade grade parts. They’re barely acceptable to put in computers no one is terribly interested in maintaining. Maybe you guys have the top-end bestest Apex PSUs available but that’s like bragging that you’re driving the nicest, least rusted 1986 Dodge Aries.

As far as gaming desktops: Yes, build your own. It’s not hard. I have literally (for the proper definition of the word and yes there is photographic proof) taught classrooms full of retarded pre-teens to put desktop computers together. And yes they all worked the first time. Anyone can do it. Really.