iBuypower Gaming Computers

Here I was thinking BOC cuz of the woot post :C oh well

Thanks, Woot. I never thought I’d get one of…these…again.

Look closely people! :slight_smile:

No BOC… What a let down…

edited for truthiness: missed the link in pic but looking forward to see what everyone else got!

Bit.ly in the main pics guys, look again

What he said…

Crafty. In for one!

STILL not seeing it…grrrrr

Sold Out

Nice play woot! I was let down for a minute there. Gotta be observant!



That one was crafty. Finally got in on the iBuyPower BoC! And I have my one from a few weeks ago arriving today. :3

Crazy…i was expecting that stuff…just couldnt find it

I didn’t see the Bag of Crap at first, but I’m glad I decided to take a second look! Got my 2nd bag ever!

Sad that they hid it so well that i missed it but glad that it wasn’t a mad dash click and pray either. well played woot, well played.

THERE it was…too slow. Well done, woot!

Thank you for that. I was about ready to give up until I saw that . . . now I have scored my second in a year after a drought of a few years.


Dang. By the time I noticed the bit.ly link, they were gone. There’s always next time, I guess.