iBUYPOWER Gaming Desktops - Your Choice

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iBUYPOWER Gaming Desktops - Your Choice
Price: $949.99 - 1149.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 4-6 business days. (Friday, Apr 24 to Wednesday, Apr 29) + transit
Condition: New


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I’m inclined to say that these are not steals, but cheaper than what you might piece together on amazon or new egg. Performance looks to be quite high. I would buy this(the nicer one) if I was in the market for a machine.

This is not even close to a good deal for a Desktop. I can get an Alienware or ASUS ROG with better specs for the same price or better when on sale.

These also have last year’s I5 processors (gen 4). Sure this will do last years games but for that you can find better deals.

In the features both say they are liquid cooled. In the specs tab the 016 model says fan cooled. Which is it?

[MOD: It’s fan cooled. Sale is fixed.]

Did they just mass produce this model for Woot, because I can’t find any review for these systems at all.

Are these any faster than that $249.95 HP all-in-one I bought?

These machines include Haswell chips, rather than Haswell-Refresh. Note that gen 5 Broadwell is not yet available. The only difference between the two is a higher frequency and better TIM. There was no IPC improvement between the releases. Even if there were, Intel CPUs since Sandy Bridge with more than two cores (Both of these feature four) exceed the gaming needs of any title available now and releasing in the foreseeable future. Commenting on a mid to high tier Intel CPU for machines designed for video games is an erroneous action on your part.

These machines include the niceties of the z97 chipset and the incredibly well received Nvidia GTX Maxwell-line of video cards, where a gamer’s focus should lie. While I always recommend building one’s own machine and would not purchase either unit personally, your justification for fault with these models is unfounded.

I highly recommend the Geforce GTX line. You can almost push GTA V to full 4K with about 8GB more ram.

A good gaming kit comparable to what you can put together from various online retailers.

First to woot should check out the XMP memory profile to see what voltage it would accept and report the findings!

My calculator watch from 1985 is faster than the HP all-in-one that you bought, probably has a higher resolution display also…LOL



Nice that is has a water cooler unit but for the money, I think I would go back to microcenter and get anothe powerspec. Got mine over 2 years ago and off the shelf, even with just 1gb ram on the video card, it was a better deal for sub 1k gaming rigs. People don’t realize that upgradability is as important as the unit itself.

CPU isn’t too bad but how far can you push it?

Wow, I wasn’t aware that this was how it worked! So game developers make software that are only compatible for the most current and up-to-date hardware? That’s crazy! My second gen i7 must be defective because I play the most current games just fine.

No, that only applies to APPLE products, mostly it’s iPod touch devices… :wink:

But as far as games go, my old workhorse has the i7-2600k processor and even before I tweaked it, it was running everything my household gamer plays. Though the video card (ATI 7850 - boxed by Gigabyte) seems to be holding it’s own, it might be time to bump it up. Push 3 monitors right now, 2 off display ports and one off it’s DVi port. Till I can’t play my old and trusty Delta Force land warrier 2, I’ll keep my unit in place… :slight_smile:

Why is there no blu-ray drive in a $1000 computer? Is it just not needed for a gaming rig?

I don’t know what all the hate is about here. I spec’d out the WT-016R and it would cost about $880 conservatively for that computer without an operating system. The WT-03S would cost about $1040 without the OS as well.

Not to mention you are getting a 1 year warranty, somebody is putting it together for you, and they are throwing in a keyboard and mouse.

IMO the WT-016R is the better deal. You’re paying a premium for an unneeded water cooling system with the WT-03S. The video card is slightly better, but not worth the $200 difference in price.

Most PC games are downloadable these days. If not, they are available on PC-DVD. Unless you want to use it to watch movies, blu-ray isn’t needed.

You need one of these bad boys:

After piecing together a comparable rig on PCpartpicker, the model with the 970 is pretty close in price to what it would cost you to build on your own. If you strategically bought all of the items on sale, I’m sure you could save a couple hundred bucks, but honestly, this thing isn’t a bad deal.

That being said, I’m a firm believer that i3’s are plenty for gamers. Budget builders can even run games perfectly fine on overclocked pentiums (G2358). You could easily save another $100+ if you took a step down on the CPU and found a good motherboard combo deal.


Careful there, only 3.5GB of that VRAM is actually useful, if you try to use that other .5, you’ll be sorry.

for that price it should come with a Intel Core i7 Quad-Core ,got a Dell with more memorey and i7 quad-core about same price .that one looks gutted out .