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It this plug and playable or extra hardware needs to be purchased?

Will this computer come with a lot of useless pre-installed software?


which model are you looking at. All the systems are plug and play, which does not need additional purchase on components.

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Hello iBUYPOWER staff!

The low-price model looks like a pretty good deal. Do you have any real-world experience using that machine, or at least a similar model with the same video card? I’m not a hard-core gamer; I’ve been playing games like Civ V and Heroes VI lately. I’d be happy with 30fps in BF4. Is this machine something that would meet my needs?

So on the iBUYPOWER WT736 model is the graphics card “AMD RADEON R9-270X 2GB GDDR5” which is under the Specs and Features but in “Built with Premium Components” it says “NVIDIA GTX 760 Graphics Card.”
Also, in Specs says under Processing Core it says “Liquid Cooling”… I’m guessing the Intel Core i5-4690K is a quad core.

The one question I have is if you tested the bluetooth and how far it can go to be reached? Anyone tested or know a range that it works?



If you can provide me which model number you are looking at, I may be able to help you on the fps result in BF4.

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Hello satomaki,

Sorry for the confusion.
CPU: i5-4690K is a quad core with liquid cooling.

GPU: it will be a R9-270X 2GB

Bluetooth: the blue tooth we have not tested the range, but the standard range is very short. probably 10-15 feet would be maximum range. Again, we have not tested it out.


Ah, sorry, the NE767A model is the one I was looking at.

Here is a benchmark from Tom’s Hardware on that Radeon R7 240.
You would be pushing it for BF4, even on at 720p 20" monitor.

The next 2 steps up are worse options, somehow.
AM623 $599 GeForce GT610
NA008 $499 RADEON R5 230

I cannot Google hard enough to find a benchmark for them.
And these are 2yr old GPU’s … there should be some blog out there that has benchmarked Warcraft for it by now.

As for the GT610, AnandTech said it doesn’t rate better than 3yr old integrated graphics
“This is truly a rock bottom card meant to be a cheap as possible upgrade for older computers, as even an Ivy Bridge HD4000 iGPU should be able to handily surpass it.”

The ONLY cheap option here is the
AM621 $639 Radeon R7 260X
This can play BF4 at 1080p medium, comfortably.

Dangit, I really wanted to build my next pc.
https://i.imgflip.com/bax4x.jpgvia Imgflip Meme Maker

Thanks! It sounds like I would probably be ok with the NE767A, especially given the price difference, but… it sounds like the AM621 is a solid deal too, so I’m kinda torn. Sigh.

I’m coming from an i7/HD4400 touch screen convertible laptop that I especially enjoyed playing Civ V on via touch. Sadly, this expensive piece of equipment met an untimely death due to my dog’s crazy tail and a glass of water (hence my budget PC shopping).

I’ll agree with this. The AM621 is the cheapest desktop here worth considering - the GPUs on the cheaper options aren’t really worth getting.

It’s just a shame that the case it comes in is so goddamn ugly… =X

And you could always still build your PC if you wanted - even with the $640 model, you could build something with similar specs for maybe a little under $100 cheaper. But I’m not gonna be one of those people who screams at people who choose to buy prebuilts. :wink:

Hi staff guy, are this desktops Linux compatible?

I would like to wipe Windows and install a Linux distro, prefererably on the AMD 621, what do you say?


Well, I’m a gal but we don’t have that info. You’d need to research that on your own. Sorry.

Hello moisocr,

As staff gal mentioned, there are many versions of Linux, where you will have to do the research on compatibility with each component. please feel free to ask if you need specific part numbers or models. thanks.


Initial keyboard was inoperative. Replacement finally showed up. Computer works fine.

Hey I don’t know that much about fancy computers, can anyone offer some advice?

I’m considering the AM621, but for $60 is the NE654FX or ST742 worth it? I’ve always been told that intel is better, but I don’t know what to think! I would love to be able to play BF4, doesn’t have to be on the max settings, just has to keep up.


I would highly advise against purchasing from this manufacturer. They are the same company as CyberPower, and both have a bad reputation for poor service and build quality. Look for other deals on Woot!

Hello gswan74,

Performance wise: the ranking is:
NE654FX > ST742 > AM621

The NE654FX does come with a better video card (R9-270X), which will out perform the other 2 computers.

CPU wise, the i5-4460 vs. FX-8320. Though 8320 has more multitask capability, the i5 gives out a better overall performance in gaming.

Last note, the NE654FX would do better in gaming with better graphic card.