iBUYPOWER Gaming Desktops

Really just a max of 9% off List price…Meh

Also do a quick Google on these guys. I had a horrible, 6-month saga of a bad customer service experience with iBuyPower, and they did their best to stick me with a defective machine that hadn’t even had internal parts soldered in correctly. Take it elsewhere. Oh, and Woot: More due diligence please. You keep promoting these guys and their crappy ways have not mended.

I’m sort of flabbergasted that the $1900 behemoth doesn’t come with a bluray drive.


Even if you have no experience building a gaming PC, I would still recommend building vs buying a pre-assembled machine. Unless you are buying a used pre-built PC, you can almost certainly DIY and have it come out significantly cheaper and with better components. You learn a lot about computers along the way. If you are a PC gamer, you should know your way around your PC anyway.

Not even getting back Sales Tax on most of these.

Link and page for this one:


Say i5, but listing is for AMD :frowning:

Did somebody forget to edit some fields when they copy&pasted last week’s iBuyPower sale?

Ever wonder what “Solitare” looks like…

It looks like (sadly, pathetically) $1.50/PER MONTH if you want to play it without ads on Windows 10. FAIL.

Sorry! We’re trying out a new process on our back end and it looks like the prices weren’t uploaded correctly. We’ll fix it and it should reflect the actual savings.

Hi threemoons, how long ago did this happen? And do you remember where you purchased your system?

We have different representatives for different retail channels, so it may have been handled improperly on our end.

In either case, please send us a private message and we will make things right for you.


Hi rrussell,

We are very sorry that we did not have that included in this build for you. For our next event we will make sure to include a build with a bluray drive if you are still interested. Thank you for your feedback.

I’ve built a dozen or more PC’s so I’m at least moderately aware of what I’m talking about. I took the component list from the WT03SS-B $1150 machine woot! has and filled a cart at Newegg… the total w/o Windows and with no water cooling was ~$1140. Plus there would be some shipping costs. So i would say that, for this machine at least, this is a pretty good deal. i can’t speak to ibuypower’s cust. serv. but if you got any serv. it would be more than what you get when you build it yourself.

fyi: Windows ~$100 and Water cooling probably ~$75 for a cheap set up. So really the DIY would easily be $200 more than the offer here.

Built a computer through iBuypower around 6 years ago and its still going strong today. Never had any issues during purchase, and they even called mid build to change some things, and ended up getting more than originally selected. Finally in the mood to replace it, and have ZERO issue buying from them again. Just depends on individual situation.

Okay, PM sent, let’s see what they come back with…

What if we wanted one with Windows 7 on it?

Agreed. This is a really good deal if you don’t want to build it yourself. I put somethign together on PC Part Picker http://pcpartpicker.com/p/gYqfLk that came in at $1092.75 after a number of mail-in rebates. I didn’t spend that much time trying to match the components exactly, so they may use some better or lesser quality parts here or there. But overall they’ve done a really nice job on this sale and this one is a good deal. The Core i7 with the GTX 980 at around $1,500 coudl also be pretty screaming, though I didn’t price it out.

It’s nice to see all of the 9xx series equipped machines. Much nicer that the previous sales. Good job, iBP!

Hey Ryjak8,

Let me check and see if we have more in stock. If we still have stock we can run it on the next event. Thanks for the feedback.

Can anyone tell me if the RAM is in 2 sticks or 4? In other words, are there any open slots?

Hey Csarno,

I would be happy to answer this question for you. It does depend on the build, so can you provide me the model number of the builds you are referring to?

Hi threemoons, check your inbox :slight_smile: