iBUYPOWER Gaming Desktops

Thanks for the positive feedback and we are glad you were happy with your purchase!

If you have any specific builds in mind you can PM us and we would be happy to earn your business again.

Thanks for sharing your research! We welcome any feedback you may have either here or via PM.

Yeah I am going to be that guy. I could do all the research, I could build it. But I am too busy and not up to date with the latest hardware requirements.

So, Please, I need your advise/help.

I am a casual gamer. And need to upgrade!

I want to play at 1920 x 1080 with Good FPS on my 24’ monitor on new/latest games.

I would like something that is going to last 2-4 years (maybe optimistic but my last one last 4-6 years but can’t keep up anymore). Some future proofing would be nice. I don’t want to be unable to play the next games in a year.

PC might be used for some side project (multimedia) some video editing.

Is there a IBuyPower Desktop in this current promotion that is the best bang of the buck and fits my needs and at a discounted price (I like to feel like i got a deal!)


does Ibuypower offer no interest financing? I want to get the iBUYPOWER WTC5 Gaming Desktop but no willing to throw it on a credit card and gain the interest

I agree with the caveat that you should know more than nothing and do lots of research before buying parts. more than once i wound up with a build that had odd driver disagreements that would only trigger issues under rare and specific circumstances. it made it incredibly difficult to reproduce the error and track it down. you can wind up with a really frustrating experience if a game always freezes in one spot and you don’t know why

Specifically, I was wondering if there are any empty RAM slots in the iBUYPOWER WT-i03R.



Yes there are 2 empty memory slots for you to fill if you would like to expand beyond the 16gb that originally come with this build. Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.

Hey Nineseven,

Unfortunately, I can’t answer this one for you because WOOT! handles payment. They might offer something like this, so go ahead and direct this one their way and I hope it works out. The WTC5 is an awesome build! Let me know if you have any other questions I can answer for you.

We don’t at Woot, unfortunately.

Define “good” FPS and how high you expect to be able to on the settings. Ultra at 60 FPS? High at 30 FPS? Obviously there’s no standard, but some minimal guidance could help in making some recommendations.

Oh, and budget. That’s pretty important.

If your credit is a good enough you can find introductory offers for no interest financing for a period or, more commonly, no interest on balance transfers for a time.

But you’d better be sure that you can pay it off, because if you exceed the introductory period you may get hit with back interest and a high rate. How good of a deal you get depends on how good your credit is.

We usually recommend a 4690K and a GTX 970 for what you want to do. You’ll start seeing diminishing returns for any hardware beyond that.

What kind of video editing were you thinking of? IF you plan on doing more advanced things like video rendering, you usually see a noticeable increase in performance between an i5 and i7.

Depending on what you ultimately decide to do with video editing, I recommend either the WT-03SS-WNB or the WT-X01RS. Both of which have been our top sellers in the last 3+ events. And if you look at the feedback here, you’ll see that it costs about the same, if not cheaper, than if you build it yourself.

Hope that helps!

I have a friend who is wicked nerdy and undoubtedly could have built his own machine, but went with iBuyPower and was very satisfied. Sure you’re paying for convenience but it sounds like it’s well worth the added cost.

Budget would prefer under 1000 but it really want to best bang for the buck.

FPS - i assume 50+ dont like jittery or Lag. but i do not need to be running the latest game at 4k with 100 FPS. I just want something that I can run on my 24 inch screen on High to Ultra graphics.

Thanks! photo editing will be Photoshop, Not really a lot of rendering. This will be my dedicated Gaming and basic use PC.

Really just want a PC I can count on when I want to do some gaming for the next couple of years.

I’ve got a friend whose computer is about to die, and he needs something pretty quickly. How long will shipping take to, say Louisiana?

edit for clarification: if he ordered today, about how long would it take to receive?

Hi Stinawargo,

Your friend is a little ways out from our production facility in CA, I would say 10 days is a safe bet.

Wow, thanks for the response on a Friday night, much appreciated!

Very interested in buying a gaming system from ibuypower. I don’t see many Windows 10 gaming desktops on the market expect on Woot. What is the standard warranty on these units? Any BOCs in the future? Which computer would you recommend for MGS ? Thank you guys!

Does the listed 1 year warranty on these differ from the 3 year warranty listed on other iBUYPOWER products?