iBUYPOWER Gaming Mouse in Black

I’ve bought two of these in the past 6 months or so. First one seemed to be working decently, and I liked that it wasn’t snagging on my mousepad (I got a $15 one of a cheap brand from Amazon that had that problem). The light in the first one (at work) has been shorting out recently, so I replaced it with a Roccat Kone Pure Naval Storm this morning. The difference is great - Roccat is extremely smooth, has a nice semi-rubbery grip to it, and the looks are better too.
I gave the second to my wife, so far she hasn’t had problems. It was a decent mouse while it lasted, but I won’t be buying another.

Hello estoy0no,
Sometimes this issue may arise when the usb loosens and isn’t properly seated into the slot. If that isn’t the case, go ahead and call my direct line or e-mail me and we can take care of you! We’re glad you enjoyed the mouse and your wife is enjoying it as well :). Happy Gaming from iBP!

[]Phone: (626) 269-5151
]E-mail: philip.lee@ibuypower.com