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Anyone know the max memory this thing will hold?

Good evening Woot users!

Welcome to the Computer Takeover event! For this event, we continued some of the models from the previous event that were particularly popular and also added some new ones to spice things up a bit. If you have any questions, I’m here all week long! Some other ways to contact me is PMing me or emailing me at woot@ibuypower.com. Let’s get some discussions going!

I ordered the WT621 for my son. His current one died a couple of days ago and the gaming withdrawals are becoming more severe. It says it will ship in 5-7 days… is that right? When you add on top of that the fact that Woot will probably ship it via “smart post” (which is anything but), this means that I can easily add another 7 days onto the time-frame. So, is that right? I will potentially have to wait 2 weeks for this?

Hi osiris73!
Our usual lead time from receiving an order to shipping out is usually 3-4 days. We put 5-7 days because inventory shortages do happen and requires 1-2 days before they are back in stock. We ship via FedEx Home Delivery, so depending on your location, you can check out FedEx’s website for the shipping schedule.

Regarding expediting your order, PM me your order info and contact information. I will personally look over the order and make sure it processes smoothly. And if any problems do occur, I will contact you right away.

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Good Guy iBuypower.


I messaged you both on here and via email but haven’t heard anything back yet. Just curious what your response was. Thanks!

PM sent!


I’m looking at the iBUYPOWER WT725 Gaming Desktop and wanted to know if the 16GBs of memory included with the system was 4GBx4 or 8GBx2?

I want to upgrade to the 32GB capacity, but if it already comes with 2 8GB sticks I’m not wasting money on 4 :slight_smile:



Same question for the iBUYPOWER WT724 Gaming Desktop. I’m still on the fence.


Good afternoon wootertooters! WT725 comes with 8GBx2 sticks and the WT724 comes with 4GBx2 sticks. However, if you would like the WT724 to come with 8GBx1, I can arrange that for you after you order.

so the WT622 has an AMD processor and Mobo, yet comes with a free Intel shirt?

Shhhhh. When we configured these models, we decided to throw in shirts for every model. This probably won’t happen again. But this shirt does match our Chimera case really well!

Dear iBuypower,

Thanks for taking the time to answer so many questions!

I have a few about the WT623. First of all, are these models normal/new/retail and potentially available elsewhere? Or are they refurbs or special configurations at a discounted price specially for Woot?

With regards to the WT623 specifically, I was wondering if you could post an internal pic of the case with the components installed inside or just a pic of the mobo. A picture of the back panel would be helpful too!

Also, what configuration is the RAM? 1x8gb stick would be ideal.

Lastly, do you have any specs or model numbers on the mouse and keyboard?

Thank you in advance for your help and friendly attitude!

Hey limlimrevolution,
All of these models are new builds that aren’t available elsewhere. We personally configure these builds factoring in the comments and suggestions you guys suggested in previous events.

Regarding the WT623, we do not have internal pics with all the components since we build the system after we receive your order. However the motherboard for this model is the GIGABYTE GA-970A-D3P. Check out this link for a close up view of the board and the ports on the back panel. (http://www.gigabyte.com/products/product-page.aspx?pid=4642#ov)

The RAM default config is 4GBx2. However, if you PM me right after you order, I can change it to a 8GBx1.

I do not have specific model numbers on the mouse and keyboard. But if you go to our website (http://www.ibuypower.com/) you can see close up pics of the mouse/keyboard in the Software/Accessories tab in any build configuration.

Always here to help out! :wink: