Congratulations - you’ve matched the hardware price of buying these items on Newegg. The GB-BXi7-4770R is down to $620 these days and rest of the components brought my total to $917 including shipping-no sales tax for WA, so it’s actually $90 less for me to get it on Newegg.

Remind us why we buy stuff on woot again?!?

On the WT730 model, what mobo are you using ?

Do the Newegg ones include the Operating System or is that going to cost you extra?


Team iBUYPOWER staff is here! the mobo we are using is the Gigabyte GA-X79-UP4


iBUYPOWER staff here. Please feel free to discuss or ask any questions regarding the items listed on the woot event. We will try to get back to you as soon as we can!


Which of these cases is best for keeping cat hair out of the computer?
Follow-up question, how much cat hair (approx) can be on the fan vents and heat sinks before it will over heat?

Hello Bsmith1,

WT626 probably would be the best to keep your cat hair away from the system with the Corsair 230T case:


it comes with dust filters for both front panel and Power Supply intake.

Follow up Answer:
the question will be depending on the thickness of your cat hair and the length, then maybe we can start calculating how much of we need to cover up the surface area of the panel(120mm x 120mm vent size) to decrease the airflow to a point where the system starts overheating… =P

[MOD] added note - thickness & Width will be able to measured with a laser pointer. the basic experiment may be found here:

Same price that is on the iBUYPOWER website. This does not belong on Woot unless there is actually a deal.

… edit: actually, it appears that you include more ‘free’ stuff on Woot that are addons on the iBUYPOWER website. Not bad then.

Thanks for being a good sport! One of our PCs has a lot of fans and I’ve found this only increases the amount of dust/hair that accumulates while providing the added air flow. Machines like this would have the same concern.

Just wanted to chime in that last October I bought an iBuyPower Gaming PC WT626 (i7 Liquid Cooled, Nvidia GeForce 660tx, 16GB DDR3 Ram, Win 7, Thermaltake Case) for roughly ~$1300. I have absolutely loved it and it has never once let me down. I don’t usually post reviews but I felt inclined to let potential buyers and the staff know that I was and continue to be deeply satisfied. Would buy again (but probably won’t have to for years).

To the naysayers, yes, I probably could put it all together myself for cheaper, but the price I paid was well worth it for me.

I like the form factor of the Gigabyte BRIX-Pro… I wonder if the pain job they added to it to make it into a HEXA-WT01 makes it any quieter… The BRIX-Pro is a LOUD little box.

They appear to have different processors.

Yes, the OS was included when I ran the prices on Newegg for the small PC. You would need to put 3 pieces of hardware in the case and install the OS. If the PC was 10-20% off the market price like most of Woot’s offerings, then it would be worth it to me. It might be worth it to you to pay a little extra and have it done. At least you know that there’s another option out there.

On Woot, where most of the brand name items are deeply discounted, the iBU?YPOWER offerings just don’t make sense. If they want to offer a measly 2-7% off, why not send out coupons for their own site and leave Woot for the PC makers who are serious about moving inventory and double digit discounts?


I was thinking about buying a PC from you during the last sale you ran in May! Just did not get around to pulling the trigger.

A couple of questions on the WT727 item:

  • Is the 8GB in a single stick or two 4GB?
  • If I want to upgrade to a different processor, can I? Or add watercooling?
  • Is there a backview of the case/mobo?

Thanks for the great support during this sale!

Have any of those other PC makers ever sponsored or at least contributed to a BOC sale?

Best bang for your buck?

Are you guys going to come out with a steambox? Love to have one now that my desktop is dead. THANKS OBAMA!

Coming “soon”

Cyberpower also appears to have one in the works (though i’ve heard rumors they’re somehow related).


Good to know!

iBUYPOWER WA932G Gaming Desktop, Intel Pentium G3240 Haswell 3.1GHz, AMD Radeon R7 250 2GB GDDR5, 1TB SATA, 4GB DDR3, 802.11n, Bluetooth, Win8.1

seems to be for sale at walmart for cheaper…? Seems to be the same package am I right?