These computers are too outdated for the price.



Team iBUYPOWER staff member here. Please let us know if you need more detail information on the spec or compatibility questions listed on the event.


A whole 5% off list price?! Somebody pinch me; I must be dreaming!

How is the 32 GB of Ram configured on the WT730 Gaming Desktop? (4GBx8, 8GBx4, 16GBx2)

Also, is there space to add another GTX 780 Ti for future upgradability?

This WT730 Gaming Desktop is actually not that bad of a deal, even though the processor is Ivy Bridge…

The 32GB of RAM is split by 8GBx4.

The GIGABYTE GA-X79-UP4 can fit 2 GTX 780Ti cards. According to guru3d, the 850Watt PSU is on the borderline just sufficient for a GTX 780Ti 2-way SLI. On our own website, we recommend a 950Watt PSU, just in case you do any overclocking or adding other modifications.

Thanks for the info. I just pieced this build together on pcpartpicker.com and it came out just under $2300, so I may be in for one…

A Pentium processor?!?!

2004 called and wants their PCs back.