Why no WT730 this time around? I missed it by an hour last time and was hoping to see it again on today’s listing but it’s not available.

Not feeling the WT733 (really… no hard drive? Only SSD??)

WT730 maybe next time?

I feel terrible promoting this, but I have a Valkyrie CZ-17 laptop for sale, since these are all desktops, if anyone is interested in a gaming laptop feel free to PM me.

not a good deal. can buy from ibuypower for less with the ability to customize.

These prices are terrible. Why bother? You can find these machines discounted more on the web.

Got any links? SlickDeals thought it was a pretty good buy a month ago at just $10 less.

Yeah, I don’t think you can find them that much cheaper, unless you have any links to prove otherwise.

You can build the same machine but it would only save you $150 - $200 and wouldn’t come with warranty, so these are actually good prices…

Not really. The deals are pretty solid, especially for those who don’t feel like building from scratch.

Hello vlpronj,

iBUYPOWER staff member here. The slickdeal event was from other event in different channel, which is no longer available. please feel free to ask any questions regarding product compatibility and specs. thank you.


Hi IBP rep,

The WT732 - 8GB RAM. Is this 4x2GB sticks, or 2x4GB with 2 open memory slots for additional memory?

These appear to be solid deals overall. I can’t help but think you could build a similar rig for slightly less then these as stated earlier.

Hello Sbudnicl,

the arrangement will be 1x8GB DDR3 1600MHz, which leaves you 3 slots to add in expansion memory. However, we recommend same brand & spec of memory at each channel to void the compatibility issue. ie.

Channel A: Brand A + Brand A
Channel B: Brand C + Brand C

please feel free to message me for more information regarding memory arrangement as it is a bit off the topic.

No problem. I was just trying to stand up for this as a fair deal, and when someone says better deals are available all over but doesn’t supply any links or other sources, I’m a little doubtful

I’m really interested in the WT731, but my two experiences with AMD cards were nightmares. Anyone have a good enough experience with this card to dissuade me from finding a slightly more expensive deal in order to find something almost identical (but with a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770 instead)?

Dear Jakuronn,

Are there any concerns on stability or compatibility you would like to ask us about? the card is fully tested before shipped out. Please feel free to discuss your worries with us so we can try to help out.


Unless you can/want to put together a few pieces yourself these aren’t bad deals… ordered a laptop through them in 2007 and still works great… although if you are looking to put together a better deal there are some things worth checking out on newegg that are refurbished/debranded and only need minor tweaks.

example on newegg: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16883148180&cm_re=hp_envy_i7--83-148-180--Product

IBP rep:

I purchased a 731 the other day from the daily deal. I am very excited to receive it. I am confused about one thing though. In the descriptions for the two instances of the 731, the first didn’t specify a motherboard and said there was only a single slot for a graphics card.

The second specifies a GB GA-Z97-D3H motherboard, which has 2 slots, one occupied and one unoccupied. Is this the same for the sale that occurred on 7/17? I am hoping for a second slot to be available.

Also, is there a specific memory brand you use in these computers? I saw the speeds, but nothing more.

Thank you very much.

I think its very clear this was a loser Woot! Most of the computers sold Zero items. All are still in stock after a week. Very weak sauce. Computerswoot! is losing it. First it screws over customers on their orders, then their refunds, and now consistant weak sauce offers.

[MOD: Wrong. Most are build to order. No leftover stock.]

If you can’t build your own, then these prices aren’t bad. If you can build your own, you can have an adventure for around the same price, but have better flexibility on components.

I’m a previous iBuyPower customer (ordered directly from their website) and I probably would not do business with them again. My machine was supposed to ship with “Corsair or Major Brand” memory, but when I received it, it had Wintek Value memory in it. I’m pretty sure Wintek Value is not a major brand, especially considering the only place I could find it online at the time was at Walmart.com (and used on eBay).

I contacted their customer service via email and was told that for faster service I should instead call their Customer Service managers and was provided a phone number. When I explained to Diana (again via email) that I didn’t have time to make phone calls she told me “If you are not able to call our managers I will make a request for you and have them call you back. Richard and Steven might not have the chance to read your email today and you might receive a late reply.” Well, that was January 16th of this year and I still have never received a call or email regarding my inquiry. I have since sold the generic memory that they shipped with my system and upgraded. This could be an isolated incident with customer service relations with “Diane” and I’d hate to pigeon-hole their entire company from one employee’s horrible service, but this incident definitely left a bad taste in my mouth.

[edit]- After going back and looking at my initial email, I forgot to mention above that when I originally contacted them, it was because I had intended to upgrade my memory from the 16gb that it shipped with to the max 32gb. I opened the system to inspect the memory to find out the brand name and model of the existing memory, so that I could match it for maximum compatibility. Well, after thoroughly inspecting the memory, I could not figure out the brand name (mostly because they put a sticker over the brand name that reads “warranty void if removed”). So, as not to void the warranty, I contacted their customer service to find out what brand of memory it shipped with and was told by their tech that it was Samsung memory (I could be wrong, but I don’t think Wintek Value is a subsidiary of Samsung, but either way, that still does not make it a major brand of memory). He couldn’t tell me a model number, so I decided I had to remove the sticker to get the details from the sticks themselves. That’s when I realized it was Wintek Value memory and not a major brand. So, the tech that lied to me was actually whammy one and Diane was the double whammy.